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Normative marriage celebrates the market bridal emcee needs to hold card mo
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Report from our correspondent (E Min of reporter Huang Qiyan's trainee)   60 million, this is Wuhan marriage celebrates company controller to be in after passing accurate estimation, right marriage the consensus that celebrates industry profit space to form. Nevertheless, wuhan Ao Gewen changes transmission to develop the limited company general manager, Wuhan city marriage that is about to hold water to celebrate guild secretary-general Zhang Zhimin to express, last year in one's hand have 30 million only, originally the profit shrink of 60 million half.

To change this kind of condition, 9 days of evening, many 30 marriage of Wuhan city celebrates the controller of the company to gather together, hold " forum of fashionable and bridal height " , resolution celebrates guild at establishing Wuhan city marriage on August 8.

Small industry doorsill causes market disorder

Zhang Zhimin expresses, according to the statistic of Wuhan citizen political situation, wuhan is registered every year marry control for 68 thousand pairs, hold wedding control for 50 thousand pairs, according to normal computation, marriage the profit that celebrates a company can be amounted to 60 million, the marriage banquet when this still does not include to marry, buy a house, buy the need such as the car,  

because market potential is tremendous, the company that enters this industry is increasing. Jubilant marriage celebrates Wuhan the service expresses even Liu Jun of locksmith business manager, 3 years ago, the marriage of Wuhan celebrates a company to be less than 10, but had developed many 300 now. What expand is so swift and violent, basically be the doorsill that enters this industry too low.

"Hack of gift of building of marriage gauze shadow, flower, car leaves previously a lot of entered this industry, still many marriage congratulate the employee of the company, mastered marriage after the whole technological process that celebrate, also come out to work alone immediately, the person that enters this industry so is increasing, but most marriage celebrates a company is miniature operation. " Liu Jun expresses.

Do not have foreword as a result of what the low doorsill of the industry brought competition, main show is the disorder of quote. "The quote of a lot of companies has many 1000 only, but, calculate on salary of the appearance hire of the company, personnel, marriage celebrates medium equipment, if camera, setting is decorated, the newer fare such as adornment balloon, flower, this price makes money far from. This price makes money far from..

"Wuhan has a strange appearance, if somebody hits cipher out endowment originally,100 thousand yuan are used at buy wedding, go to the first company when him, gotten quoted price may be 100 thousand, go to the 2nd to be able to become 80 thousand, arrive the 3rd the 4th, the likelihood still can fall, can become even finally thousands of. " the low that helps somebody attain his aim to explain an industry so competes, "Marriage those who celebrate an industry to lean is public praise and client are accumulated, what extended price war harms is ourselves. What extended price war harms is ourselves..
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