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"Professional a matron of honour, partner man " why Dalian gets cold recept
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Yesterday, find new job from Beijing will be engaged in repeatedly " professional a matron of honour " Miss Wang get through of the job Tian Jian net hotline. Miss Wang that will connect a few months still did not find a marriage to celebrate a company to need a matron of honour of profession of invite applications for a job, "Big city waits in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, very popular ' professional a matron of honour ' , ' professional partner man ' why is the industry bank doesn't the city have the market? " Miss Wang asks. Be after all marriage are the consciousness that celebrates a company to did not add this service or Dalian citizen demand not big? Taking problem reporter to visit the marriage with Dalian larger force to celebrate a company, according to concerning personnel introduction, at present Dalian is done not have almost " professional a matron of honour " or " professional partner man " service project.

Dalian new personality goes after contracted, fashionable wedding

Mention " professional a matron of honour " , " professional partner man " this word, most propbably authority is not new. Alleged " professional " because they are passed,groom namely, than common a matron of honour, companion so man has experience, know entertain a guest those who receive thing is a lot of and formal.

As we have learned, because each district custom is different, the new personality of Dalian does not need man of a matron of honour, partner to follow commonly the left and right sides. Most person thinks, wedding has been compared a bit simplier. Mr Wang tells the media practitioner of preparative marriage the reporter, he and fiancee are very fashionable, so their wedding did not seek a matron of honour and partner an ancient official title, ask however marriage celebrate a company " cherub " after following therewith. He expresses, there is lovely child to follow at the back on wedding, appear bridal and special not only, the love that also expresses them is very pure, have atmosphere very much.

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