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Day price marriage celebrates gem to rent show a body first Shanghai
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Yesterday afternoon, in Nanjing the wedding of 2007 Tian Zhiyuan summer that the road holds on the west are revealed on show, model people adorn on the body at every turn tens of 10 thousand yuan necklace, ring, dangler leaves first went out " the price that rent " . It is reported, this is to face popular marriage to celebrate gem to rent a service to show body Shanghai first, still also belong to in the whole nation first.
Reveal in the wedding yesterday on show, model people a when reveal " Atelasi's star " 18K platinum necklace hefts 38.744 grams, set on necklace have 35 color gem and 20 diamond, market price is one hundred and seventy-three thousand seven hundred and thirty yuan of RMBs, open the day that give to rent valence to be 1700 yuan.

And another " Sahala's day " platinic necklace, the diamond that enchased 87 to weigh 5.12 carat and the condole of royal seal of gules green jade of a 6.55 carat drop, accurate bride spends 1880 yuan of RMBs, can be in marry that day this 180 thousand yuan precious headgear " glom on to " .

Say according to hiring orgnaization controller, share headgear of many groups of 50 gem to be able to be offerred at present rental, day rents valence to be the 1 % of headgear cost price normally, the hammer hires a pair of the cheapest crystal ear one day to need 100 yuan only.

Disclose according to this controller, at present already new personality of a pair of Shanghai and company autograph are made an appointment with, want to hire a 40 thousand yuan gem headgear.

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