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Gauze of rice yellow marriage will devour 90% Shanghai market share
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Already made the whole world congener the most large-scale dozenth an exhibition of equipment of photography of gauze of marriage of international of Chinese · Shanghai is satisfactory recently ring down the curtain. In by a definite date inside exhibition period of 4 days, two place exhibit store of Shanghai world trade and center of Shanghai international exhibition house all voice noisy and confused, among them formal attire of gauze of top class marriage tastes a news briefing newly is to become everybody to contend for seen visual regale more.

Shen Cheng marriage celebrates year of consumption to even more one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight

Our country has 10 million pairs of new personality every year to be fond of knot happy match about, because the marriage of this generation is celebrated,consume amount every year to be as high as 250 billion yuan. The consumptive group majority that marriage gauze photographs is a youth, they drove equipment of marriage gauze photography, number to photograph to bridal personalized pursuit picture, the abidance of the relevant industry such as dress of gauze of shadow building facilities, fashionable marriage develops. Predict 2010, chinese marriage celebrates integrated consumption ability to will amount to 100 million yuan of thousands of RMBs, development foreground nots allow small inspect.

Shanghai celebrates the market to have one of cities that consume latent capacity most as countrywide marriage, also become important marriage to celebrate things to purchase the market. According to what Shanghai marriage celebrates guild to announce newly-married investigated questionnaire to show 2006, shanghai marries every pairs citizen expenditure achieves one hundred and eighty-seven thousand one hundred and thirty yuan, row whole nation the first. Statistic shows, average every are close to charge of decorate of new personality new residence 60 thousand yuan, all that buy the home and electric home appliances
It is reported, enter 2007, it is the height of a history that Chinese marriage celebrates the market year. Up to now, in countrywide market with marriage celebrate relevant industrial catenary to already achieved 40 many kind, the whole nation is annual because of marriage the 2.5 % that the narrow sense consumption that celebrate and arises already occupied Gross National Product about. Shen Cheng marriage celebrates the market year consumption also is in one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan of above. The biggest baby boom since new China founds a state period go up namely century the crowd that the later period in 80 time is born will at 2007 to the left and right sides entered marriageable age 2012. According to forecasting, marriage celebrate expenditure hopeful to break up one time again on this foundation.
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