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Marriage of irritated heart day celebrates great rejoicing complain book an
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Wedding is majestic, will tell to new personality, once any accident appear on wedding, calculate after the event can dimension authority also cannot offset the loss that caused that day at all. Accordingly, it is very tall to asking at other service category, practitioner of Wu of marriage formal attire also should be a promise that will be kept. But at present our city marriage celebrates service orgnaization, marriage existing from quality of personnel of course of study the situation of the good and bad are intermingled. Celebrate from the marriage of feedback complain look, credulous and oral book, ignore an agreement to become many new personality to go the most easily " marriage celebrate an error " . Our newspaper 15 thought of 3 · for the time being hot line 88229999 it is the most difficult to continue to seek your judge dimension power industry.
Avoid by all means and individual emcee " oral agreement "

Last year in August, mr Zhang attends the friend's wedding, like bridal emcee very much chair a style, and the spot and bridal emcee are knocked calm, let him chair him the wedding by October, and consign 200 yuan of deposit. Can become Mr Zhang when be being contacted with this emcee again by September, the other side went back on his word however, said to had promised others. Although Mr Zhang recapture 200 yuan of deposit, but because last year October is bridal busy season, cannot find appropriate emcee at all.

Be in likewise last year in October, miss Wang also ate " individual emcee " be unable to speak out about one's grievances. Because pursue cheap, she looked for DJ of a bar to become on the net bridal emcee. But that day, bridal emcee arrives bridal spot, want red bag with respect to act shamelessly of ground of one is assured and bold with justice, still saying is convention. "New personality gives emcee red package, number develops more greatly more. " such, bridal emcee took 600 yuan bright red package not only, smoke of 6 packets of China still should take in order to touch for happy gas. Calculate come down, this bridal emcee comes on the stage actually Fei Yuanyuan agrees more than " 500 yuan " , and become 1500 yuan, but new personality however can submit to humiliation.

Many new personality are willing to decide individual emcee, thought to omit marriage celebrate the charge among the company. But because individual emcee does not have company management and consultative tie, often can happen " price is high person " , do not cash acceptance, perhaps serve the phenomenon of occurrence deviation. New personality of after the event is very helpless however, cannot thought fors the time being. City marriage celebrates committee to remind broad newlywed person, avoid by all means and individual emcee are oral agreement.

Calm festooned vehicle is not become surely " dud cheque "

Mr Zhang celebrated a company to book car of Lincoln of a lengthen in a marriage April last year. Marriage the reception that celebrates a company personnel is oral and affirmatory it is car of new fund Lincoln, received fund according to charge of car of new fund Lincoln. But wedding got a car that day when, mr Zhang discovers those who come is a Lincoln of old money lengthen however, and quality is very old. His requirement marriage celebrates a company to transfer, but marriage celebrating a company to say to was not written on order however is car of new fund Lincoln, so they abided by acceptance, nature won't transfer.
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