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Taiwan is lone male " the knot is helped " date to glacial city
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6 days, lone club is Heilongjiang province federation of trade unions technically 6 Taiwan book men were held " comptatriots of Taiwan dates meeting " . It is reported this is Heilongjiang province holds two sides to date first activity, this dates can be " comptatriots of Taiwan dates round " contact Mr Ding Yongzhang passes Internet and province federation of trade unions lone club passes 3 months talk things over hard to facilitate.
Taiwan bachelor knows mind of marriage glacial a city on the net

Province federation of trade unions is lone the club is known by the Taiwanese, still result from last year of summer vacation time the name is " 1000 people extend summer camp " the single activity that make friend. The report of that activity early or late by home many 100 media and website are reprinted, of the activity sponsor also just be in the throughout the country is single big shock of the reputation in making friendly organization. Also as a result of this activity, the lone man Ding Yongzhang in Taiwan knew the body Harbin has a such lone clubs, produced at this point to Harbin, have the aid of this lone club does to date mobile idea.

Introduce according to this fourth gentleman, he passes phone and club first before 3 months get in touch, in the period of time of after this, director Yang of he and club office is facilitate this " two sides dates meeting " use Internet to communicate everyday almost. Fourth gentleman says, original what he seeks advice at most is province federation of trade unions of lone club " system of ownership " problem. Because previous he ever also was in other province look of inland is too close, but it is contact with private marriage, reliability is not high, dating quality is not high also, ever still had endured cheat. And Director Yang says the club, the identity that what they worry most is this Taiwanese is true, the purpose is real. In the 6 people that will this breath out, other the unmarried friend that 5 people are fourth gentleman, he says to because contact did not catch up with this later to come,still have 6 people, they can be in before long hind will breath out again.

Because,glacial city dates " Taiwan mainland female too do obeisance to gold "

For bachelor of book of these 6 stages, province federation of trade unions lone club picks the Harbin girl that went out to accord with a requirement more than times 100 in more than 8000 member, date in first 6 days on the meeting, 30 more than person is present. According to the club constituent personnel says, to 11 days they will organize a variety of dating for comptatriots of Taiwan activity, introduce the lone girl of Harbin group by group.

The reporter understands, age of these 6 men arrives 50 years old in 36 years old, it is maiden, had gotten higher education, among them 3 people are the Master that leaves the United States, doctor. From Taiwan not far 10 thousand lis of grounds date to glacial city, fourth gentleman expresses, pure, figure carries the individual character that what they take a fancy to is northeast girl high to expert with beauty. The gentleman that occupy man introduces, they abandon be in Taiwan look for a partner in marriage, and put the view in the mainland, because,be now the girl of Taiwan too do obeisance to gold. "In Taiwan, after marrying a few years if business coast of the gentleman or it is unemployed, often can be abandoned by wife, taiwan girl is too actual, you can fear she gets along for a long time with you. " they have plain folkway to Harbin through Internet understanding, harbin girl is beautiful in total national capital famous, put the view to Harbin so.
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