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Marriage the personage that celebrate cause weighs Confucius is bridal emce
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9 days, bulletin of news of competion area of cent of Shandong of contest of bridal compere of the 3rd whole nation can be in Jinan is held, shi Kangning language gives the total person in charge of something of association of countrywide marriage Qing Qingdian that attends this second meeting breathtaking: "Industry of our marriage Qing Qingdian is the Confucius choose that is born in Shandong music to mound Chinese bridal emcee the first person.

According to introducing, regard marriage of whole nation of a delegate as Qing Qingdian bound the bridal compere match with top level, top authority, our country shares 27 provinces (municipality directly under the Central Government, municipality) participate in contest of bridal compere of the 3rd whole nation. Jinan city marriage celebrates what celebration association obtained Shandong competion area to undertake authority, 7 - November in choosing, will give 12 winners definitely, on behalf of Shandong the province attends the total final that held in peaceful wave city 2008.

Countrywide marriage celebrates Shi Kangning of celebration association total a secretary in charge of sth to say on the meeting: "At present domestic marriage celebrates cause inside think generally, confucius is domestic marriage celebrates celebration bound to be in the first person of bridal emcee respect. " he explains, down to emperor first the Confucianism that division Confucius is a delegate, exquisite and formal, consuetudinary to the behavior personal integrity of later generations and unborn wedding the effect with waited to arise main, government office of Qu Fu aperture is classic and bridal there is feeling in contemporary China and foreign countries the impact in the men and women is very big. And according to historical data account, hold personally when him Confucius is alive do Guo Gongbai happy event. Accordingly, although the wedding of our country is consuetudinary,had begun from Zhou Daishi, but the consideration that stems from the respect such as pair of later ages influences, at present domestic marriage celebrates cause inside think Confucius is generally " Chinese bridal emcee the first person " .

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