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New personality shifts to an earlier date one year to conclude banquet next
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The distance does the day of marriage banquet to still have more than one year, new personality Mr Liu and week young lady begin to reserve a hotel early, did not think of somebody " helper " faster, shen Cheng is very much nowadays astral class hotel the banquet August 8, 2008 already was booked go out. The reporter understood on July 7, the happy event that auspiciouses day to borrow an Olympic Games is angry, a lot of new personality book Shen Cheng one year ahead of schedule banquet of Olympic Games marriage.
Mr Liu of 30 years old and plan of cummer week young lady were registered September this year this year marry, and they conclude wedding day in next year however on August 8. Mr Liu tells a reporter, be in love with cummer old, plan to be registered this year originally marry, did happy event. Family also helps move choosing became good time. But one day two people see the conduct propaganda about 2008 Beijing Olympic Games when shop, the opening ceremony that knew Beijing Olympic Games is on August 8, 2008 in the evening 8 when 8 minutes 0. Mr Liu says, in Chinese tradition, 8 it is a very lucky number, and this day to each Chinese the sense is great. After then two people discuss, the decision registers conjugal time changeless, order marriage banquet 2008 on August 8. "Marrying is the most important time in life, the choice holds our wedding in this day, the happy event that should touch an Olympic Games namely is angry, adumbrative our life is happy also. Adumbrative our life is happy also..

This thinking that oneself book marriage banquet one many year to should affirm ahead of schedule can order on, did not think of Mr Liu and cummer to choose several favorite hotels in emperor aunt area, the Olympic Games kicks off the marriage banquet that day already was booked to go out. That day, the reporter arrives through covering knowledge, the newlywed person that has collective idea with Mr Liu is true still many. A lot of hotels of Shen Cheng, received that day on August 8, 2008 book.

A controller of the hotel tells a reporter, on August 8, 2008 the traditional Chinese calendar at the beginning of July 8, it is double life, catch up with Zhou Wu again, general such day, the marriage banquet of the hotel is little not. But booking marriage banquet commonly is to shift to an earlier date 34 months or it is half an year, the phenomenon that resembles more than one year such shifting to an earlier date that book or first time are encountered. The most important is that day it is the day that Beijing Olympic Games kicks off, then, a lot of new personality were in wedding this day surely. Current, already a lot of new personalities seek advice to handled the particular case of marriage banquet that day.

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