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Newly-married is adjusted period should face correctly
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Antenuptial youth men and women, mutual between admire very, love. The “ trilogy ” that develops as love namely —— of love of good impression —— is united in wedlock, often be in honeymoon period feeling rises to peak value. However, as the end of romantic amour, marriage have a youthful look begins alive, extremely easy in actual life is immersed in young husband and wife contradiction grinds in, people adjusts what this one period after marriage says for “ period ” . “ of husband and wife adjusts period the psychological characteristic of ” has the following kinds of incorporate: 1, adjust after proper understanding marriage period appearing inevitability. Marry get married, mean what two people live jointly to begin. Turn into by bound of one the world bound of two the world, during this little not grind. Its reason: It is amative phase, both sides notices both sides with good impression, show a weakness and inadequacy lesser. After marriage, as the elapse of the development of the life and time, bilateral and respective weakness is chased expose come out, this appears very easily emotive grinds. 2 it is both sides of the men and women before marriage different habits and customs and hobby are behaved relatively abstractly, make the other side was gone to the habits and customs of the other side, cause feeling easily also to grind. 3 it is amative phase men and women double have own right severally, especially economy and behavior do not accept an obligation relatively, the collective life after marriage needs domestic sense, be like one party go one's own way, cause the other side to resent, hard to avoid of together with little family has a few unexpected general affairs and expenditure, especially when the viewpoint is abhorrent, if processing is undeserved, cause contradictory conflict easily also. The disagreement humorous of the 4 lack that are sexual life experience and sexual life, cause emotive of husband and wife easily also to grind. By afore-mentioned knowable, only those who pass the period of time after marriage is adjust, feeling of husband and wife just can enter relatively stable phase. Accordingly, both sides of husband and wife wants correctly understanding to adjust period, other to adjusting the contradiction that shows together should take positive step, make what its contradict change. 2, do not hold exorbitant expectation to be worth to the other side, should forgive each other, good-tempered. Before marrying, one party often has good opinion quite to other one party, and hold very big hope. After marrying, as the elapse of time, you can discover a few weaknesses of the other side and inadequacy gradually, this is everybody metropolis some, without what spoffish. If these weaknesses and inadequacy, without hindering overall situation, then you close a key point, do not look or see those weaknesses and inadequacy less, do not go ifing seek the other side. Rich Lan Kelin says well: Open before “ marriage big your double eye, marry to close your eye later. ”3, go up in the job and study, both sides of husband and wife wants mutual encourage, enter in all hand in hand. Be less than difficulty and problem to the expect that encounters in the life, want to talk things over each other, appropriate is dissolved, it is in order to mix expensive. 4, the contradiction that in treating good sexual life seriously, appears, improve the quality of sexual life of husband and wife. Can consult a doctor when necessary, learn to nod the relevant knowledge such as sexual medicine and sexual psychology.

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