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Be on guard hijack of businessman marriage banquet
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Case one: The hotel drives a wedding breakfast to did not come loose to be removed dish Ms.   Ms. Sun was a son to book marriage banquet in public house of Home Tie Dongyi, ceremonial time is in surely at 9 o'clock. Result, bridal bridegroom and bride make some of little game with guests again and again that day, although time is some more protracted, but spot mood is particularly good. Arrive quickly when 11 o'clock, wedding breakfast still is undertaking. At this moment afflux of another batch of guest outside the hotel comes, the clerk begins to remove from the guest's little wine desk desk, the guest sees shape leaves in succession.

Tear open action: Mr Zhang says, in marry “ gathers together in the day of ” , the hotel increases the circumstance common occurance of feast temporarily. New personality agreed only when deciding a hotel time opening place, some hotels were not informing to one only business is accepted again below the circumstance of new personality then. Before the result is caused one did not go, hind an awkward situation that comes. Consequently, when new personality is in and the hotel signs an agreement, must not ignore time leaving place.

Case 2: Feast position is exchanged by privately

What Xiaodou held April this year is bridal, there is a thing in the hotel lobby that he decides two side seat. Xiaodou was taken a fancy to on the west side 20 pieces of desks, hotel manager is oral agreed. The result is bridal that day, 20 desks feast of Xiaodou is gone to by arrangement completely east side, and on the west the feast of side is taken up by another. Xiaodou finds manager theory, the director says to sign a contract to say a number only at the outset, do not have an agreement to have posture place, the guest later also was taken a fancy to on the west the position of side, so the hotel agreed.

Tear open action: Two new personality often can be encountered to be in same home when managing a wedding the circumstance with joint hotel, it is so when autograph contract must the seat specific indicate. Some look be like the bagatelle ten million that not matter cannot ambiguous.

Case 3: Theory of price of marriage banquet dish is tall

The standard that 380 yuan of one desk presses when Mr Yang marries decided 30 desks feast, every desk has a fish to chicken has the flesh to still have shelled fresh shrimps, hold out it seems that honest. But Mr Yang raises his wine cup secretly of inn external cookbook takes a pair, discover actually just 300 yuan many dot, total prices not only do not have privilege, every desk wanted instead more 80 yuan.

Tear open action: Because marriage banquet introduces by acquaintance mostly commonly, the person that marry can search cookbook far from to marriage banquet menu to valence, the content that wants pair of bill of fare only is satisfactory, most person complies with the arrangement of the hotel. Accordingly, hotel dish price level a few. Because this is best when deciding dish beforehand ascertain dish price.
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