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How to write marriage fete letter?
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The invitation that this is application of place of both sides of the men and women when marriage banquet the note that its relatives and friends attends the banquet. General but by bridegroom, bride common sign one's name, also can part sign one's name, or by its parent sign one's name. Write invitation letter to should notice:

The full name of invitee should be written complete, should not write byname or alias

Should write between two full names on “ and ” or “ and ” , need not a slight-pause mark used to set off items in a series or comma.

Should mention expressly the specific date that holds wedding, time (wh what month a few days, week a few, when) .

Mention expressly the place that holds wedding.

Commonly used and written adjective:

Day aing happy married couple is become, good Qiu of poetic problem red autumnal leaves, Shi Yong, Xiang Jingru guest, belt writtens guarantee of strains of music accompanied by drumbeats of homocentric, bell, river of perfect the fate brings lovers together, a perfect pair, a scene of prosperity, love always bath, an affectionate couple flies wing to wing, salangane dwells together, situation is like the sea, SamSung greatly in

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