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Perfect and bridal layout prepares whole strategy (1)
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One, bridal in advance arranges the job (this job shifts to an earlier date at least before marry half an year carries out) :

1. With relatives and friends (especially bilateral parents) discussion wedding plans (this actual condition from oneself sets out) ;

2. To marriage celebrate a company or undertake advisory about professional personage (set out this from bridal professional point of view) .

2, go up in afore-mentioned foundations 2 o'clock, the real case that joins newlywed person and bridal professional point of view, undertake as follows operating:

1. Decide bridal date, place and marriage banquet way;

2. Draft guest list (this duty factor is more complex, carry out as early as possible accordingly) ;

3. Accompany man, a matron of honour, chief witness at a wedding ceremony certainly, and all personnel that concern with bridal ceremony (be not a staff member) ;

4. Define bridal budget according to afore-mentioned circumstances.

Note: If hope bridal quality is higher, the staff member also must be in bridal part to decide before New Year partly, for example emcee, make up, photography, photograph resemble reaching car to wait, will order high quality staff member very hard to reach beforehand otherwise deploy.

3, bridal the preparation before 3 months works:

1. Undertake communication with emcee and concoctive personnel, must consider the time of the modification of meantime, urge its to be before a bridal month, make a corresponding bridal ceremony circuit;

2. Connection makeup girl undertakes trying makeup, must consider if meantime is dissatisfactory to makeup face, change the time of makeup girl;

3. Connection photography, photograph picture, put forward to film requirement, watch them to film before the quality of work.

Note: If afore-mentioned personnel are not to have marriage celebrate company organization, if be being organized by new personality proper motion however, proposal people of a new type signs written agreement with afore-mentioned personnel, with equipment accident.

4. Order or formal attire of gauze of marriage of rental bridegroom bride

5. The wedding ring that order

6. Cosmetic of the bride that order

7. The flower that order, happy event is stuck, pull prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun and balloon of petaline, color, candle, broad double-faced glue and scotch tape, festival things, complete set red bag, happy event word, red silken tape, colored ribbon, garland, easily to be fond of fire of word, Leng Yan, film (the basis needs, buy a part to be bought to people road, town god's temple oneself, the part is offerred freely by the hotel)

8. Candy of the happy event that order, cigarette, wine kind, beverage, earthnut, melon seeds, tea

4, wedding intends the work inside two months:

1. Person of bridal all project implication is communicated
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