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3 pieces of indispensable lists that wedding prepares
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The first piece: Wedding pours stopwatch

The time that assumes you have large half an year will prepare wedding, so below it is an OK and referenced schedule, it will tell you, should do what thing.

Before wedding 6 months (had jumped over earlier)

Marry register, marriage check.

Make good budget.

The date of affirmatory wedding, form, place and guest list.

Proposal and professional marriage celebrate a company to come to an agreement. Such you can look for emcee, photography with discharging / the thing of the loaded down with trivial details such as the company of cameraman, band, florist, car that rent.

As soon as possible books marriage banquet room, especially ” of popular “ lucky day meets holiday, you will be possible already late.

Before marriage 4 months

Prepare your wedding the actor's costumes that day.

Choose good wedding ring

The scheduling that advertent honeymoon travels, had better book airline ticket and hotel as early as possible.

Accompany man, a matron of honour and their actor's costumes certainly, if need flower child, return what should consider them to dress up.

Design your invitation.

Film marriage gauze is illuminated.

Before marriage 2 months

Send marriage letter, indicate the move that your wedding needs is installed.

Affirmatory wedding the whole technological process that day.

Look for need to help the friend that gets together wedding.

List a wedding to purchase detailed account, go purchasing next.

A month

Summon bridal preparatory staff, decide each bridal detail. Be like, bridal journey course.

Make wedding the chair watch that day and desk card.

Decide the menu of marriage banquet and schedule.

Before marriage 2 weeks

Try on your actor's costumes, look need adjusts what have.

Plan good honeymoon trip.

Before marriage 1 week

Attend a meeting again affirmatory and bridal detail, this one secondary is more meticulous, where is the autograph everywhere for instance, get a station where.

It is wedding in brain rehearse.

Affirmatory bride follows makeup matters concerned.

Wedding is overnight

Whether does certain mobile telephone have report, whether is address book put in the bag.

The actor's costumes preparation of transhipment of through cargo is proper.

Inform personnel of the time tomorrow, place again.

Define the arrangement of marriage car.

Prepare the gift of marriage give up and crossing-over.

The 2nd piece: Budget of bridal income and expenses is expressed

The mainest in watch of budget of bridal income and expenses is budgetary defray and actual expenses two much, among them project includes: Gauze of headgear of etc of marriage give up, marriage is illuminated, charge of car of buy outfit cost, modelling cost, marriage, marriage celebrates company expenses (cloth is exhibited, emcee, band, music, photography is photographed resemble, beautiful, adornment, equipment) , water of marriage banquet charge, wine.
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