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How does newlywed debug Morpheus?
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The person of familiar Xiao Min's couple says a pair to they are of created by nature, make colleague and friends envy quite. But arrived in the evening, their trouble came. Not be sexual life respect has what problem, disturb each other when Morpheus however, young couple sleeps bad to become aware. Xiao Min's husband snores thunderously as a child, blame of Xiao Min criterion issues ability to enter Mian in darkness and quiet environment. Almost she wants every night to come with arm repeatedly disclose husband, in order to prevent him stertorous. The trouble that this encounters to newlywed is not individual phenomenon. Most person should move on 40 ~ 80 times inside Morpheus of 8 hours, it is the most harmonious husband and wife also has the circumstance that disturbs each other to happen in Morpheus process. Of course, the female is the most serious suffer injury normally square. Quality of Morpheus inadequacy, Morpheus owes beautiful, already became a when affect female health outstanding issue. With stertorous enrol   too male snore is normally bigger than the female much, female snore is very small or not, often should listen to others however stertorous. Hear over Morpheus expert complaining at most is stertorous, although a lot of males deny him stertorous. To decrease stertorous, answer to choose drafty room to do a bedroom as far as possible, the bed wants not only quite big, mattess also should be held out solid. Pillow cannot exorbitant, so that make neck unbend, maintain spirit way unobstructed. Smoking can stimulate respiratory tract, wine, tranquillizer and fight depressed medicine to be able to deepen Morpheus, aggravating and stertorous, answer to avoid as far as possible so. Gradually Morpheus of   of absorb Morpheus habit is by the pilot of place of biology section law of human body, average Morpheus time of the person is 7 hours, some people want 10 hours, some people have 5 hours enough. The time that needs above 5 years just builds the Morpheus habit of everybody, the means that sleep and time are endless and same, call somewhat for example owl with skylark model cent. We find almost impossibly as identical as law of him Morpheus section sweetheart. Because this expert suggests, should not do in the bedroom as far as possible mix with Morpheus make love irrelevant thing, do not let a bedroom make the room of quarrel of husband and wife. If watch TV, have a thing, read or be the photograph of Morpheus section law that listens to music and spouse be contrary to, answer to exercise restraint and avoid. Shift to an earlier date gradually or defer bedtime, conciously nurturance husband and wife goes up together the habit of the bed. If you think the Morpheus that transforms the man is used to, be about to guide him to stand by your intent actively, is not urge him to wake early or sleep early. Mutual communication, represent love and certain and additional means (if bathe, the gown with bubble foot, comfortable dress, use the) such as thick curtain, can make husband and wife have the Morpheus of one late high quality jointly. Before sleeping, notice not to do athletic sports even, do not drink tea or coffee. Anyhow, solve good Morpheus problem to be able to make husband and wife more close not only hard, also can let people be found on the world of numerous and complicated quiet.

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