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Perfect and bridal layout prepares whole strategy (2)
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2, the detail in work of preparation of wedding of the 2nd chapter and note

One, marriage banquet hotel:

(one) the hardware of the hotel

As a perfect wedding, the precision on hotel hardware is conclusive, want to notice a few following content commonly:

1. The size of banqueting hall

The size of banqueting hall, affect the mood of marriage banquet directly, the effect that decides banqueting hall size so is very big, measuring way commonly is: If hotel banqueting hall can do the desk number of banquet to subtract 4 desks are controlled, it is the desk number that this banqueting hall suits to do marriage banquet, when what what put because of hotel norm banqueting hall is round-table, take no account of red carpet, beautiful door, style commonly cover an area of, and subtract 4 desks consider these factors be eager to make progress in the round. Had better not put full, measure whether capacious level, sit when guest full hind, allow so that the next person passes at least between every two desks.

2. The top of banqueting hall is tall

The top of banqueting hall is tall look the effect that seems not to affect wedding, actually otherwise, it is a quite serious problem. Too low banqueting hall can give a person a kind of depressive feeling and be agitated sense, according to experience, often banqueting hall is very tall inferior wedding often can arise disorder and noisy, the psychological element of this and person is concerned, and very tall the air of inferior banqueting hall is relatively cloudy, inevitable somebody smokes on marriage banquet, also can make the person generates blundering sentiment so,

3. The post of banqueting hall

The post of banqueting hall, it is the deadly aspect that affects bridal result, no matter post decorate must have many beautiful, one part person gets metropolis keep out the line of sight, and this part is gotten by keep out line of sight person, because lose sight of emcee area,often meet, and consider oneself make a racket oneself, hellbender, special the destruction in emcee program level power is great.

If the public house is other the place is OK and satisfactory, it is to have post merely the word of this obstacle, can consider to broadcast this method to make up for with spot synchronism, synchronism is broadcasted still have other utility, below paragraphic in can have elaborate in detail.

4. The lamplight of banqueting hall

Banqueting hall light is more important, because white lamplight is too hard, cannot take, maize lamplight is better, lamplight shoulds not be too bright, judge the standard of lamplight brightness, general and indoor cannot compare outdoor bright, below the circumstance of sunshine, indoor more appropriate than left and right sides of the dark 1/3 outdoor, and if want to hold candle power ceremony, ask lamplight can adjust, should be shunt at least.

5. The sound of banqueting hall resembles the effect
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