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Common of marriage of the Naxi nationality
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Marry before today, bridegroom home also is a business, decorate edge room central room, plunge into build decorated tent, everywhere decorate with lanterns and streamers, write stick marriage couplet to wait, want to kill a pig to slaughter a sheep at the same time, hang one red paper or paper is silken wrap the bolt that plunge into, arrow of 3 branches willow is inserted on, write " Lin Lin to be in this " 4 words. With block white tiger. New bed is found a place for by go-between and bridegroom handsome mother, the little boy that asks be still living and in good health of one grandparent, parents accompanies bridegroom to sleep in the press on new bed that evening.
The following day, bridegroom wait by go-between, relatives and friends accompany, woman home goes receiving before close, have one empty litter or horses, the bride lets multiply when return, ride, take feast at the same time two desks and other part gift. When arriving at the woman to have a doorway, receive close team tall Zou Xile, legato 3 hind, the woman's gate is opened wide, receive the person that kiss to just be able to enter, get subsequently enthusiastic reception. Be in commonly around of the period of the day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. , the man receives close chaperon to hold the bride in the arms into litter. At this moment, the bride exerts all his strength struggle, a pair of appearance that does not wish to go. Via comfort and be being persuaded, just leave parents and relatives and friends, wait by uncle, uncle, little sister accompany by litter or equestrian start off.
The bride comes to man door mouth, but the door of man home is closed. At this moment, send close people to call offer in doorway mock on the west cadence, let man home open the door, doesn't golden humpback come? Doesn't silver-colored humpback come? The person of woman home sings outside the door: "Golden humpback came, silver-colored humpback came, fast open the door. "One antistrophic hind, the gate left, bridal bridegroom should cross the past on the saddle that in pairs papers from red paper, ability enters a gate. At this moment, dongba wants recite scriptures, choose a few butter on cerebral door of the bride at the same time or sprinkle bit of clear water, state the bride already was the person of man home.
After the bride enters room, want to send husband's father and mother each pair of shoes. At this moment, the shoe that sends the person that kiss to send bridegroom intentionally the bride loses new bed in next, let bridegroom bow collect Du piece put on, this kind consuetudinary call the shoe that change a foot. Hold then do obeisance to hall ceremony. Bridegroom bride does obeisance to heaven and earth first, ancestor and husband's father and mother, pay a formal visit again familial medium elder, then each other of husband and wife is done obeisance to. Do obeisance to when hall, bridal hand grasps salt, bridegroom holds canister of a boiled water. Do obeisance to finish, the bride should see the red ark of dowry symbolisticly, after locking up, be in the key casually red ark is lost, children are contended for immediately grab rise, because evening shift grabs horny spoon, who can be fond of candy to bridal atone for.
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