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Common of marriage of the Hani nationality
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Of the place that basis of Yunnan the Hani nationality lives different, marriage common also differs somewhat.
The Hani nationality that the life takes in Mo Jiang, bridegroom is mixed in brother-in-law with age accompany companionately before falling, go greeting close. After reaching bridal home, should pay a formal visit farther-in-law mother-in-law, agree with ability to marry a bride via farther-in-law mother-in-law. Cry bitterly is more than when the bride leaves home, this cries namely of marriage consuetudinary. The bride should cry newly in before getting married 3 days marriage, show she is right the love of parents and family is deeper. The bride is mixed in younger brother and sister of relatives and friends accompany below, cry to stop to eloquence of bridegroom village door all the way the letter sends close team to carrying a back the move is dotal, send the man the home all the time. Dotal normally bin, dress, bedding, farm tool waits, the cake of a few piles of big polished glutinous rice that still has quality of meal of polished glutinous rice, Ran Chenggong, yellow, Bai San. Dotal in a straw rain cape that still must the uncle sends a bride, cling to a bamboo basket, the little brother sends a hand of the bride catenary and a braces. These things want along the road to let a person see well, be full of in order to show its and luxuriant. All the way suona horn sound is ceaseless, meet the village spends camp even firecracker of airing of views. No matter weather how, the bride should hit a beautiful umbrella.
Take in red river, the man wants to be still living and in good health to parental children please the men and women marries a bride midday. Bridal home criterion get married get married of great kindness entertainment person, in close friends and village presbyterial with the singer. Greet the person that kiss to want to hand over 3 small conch to serve as the proof of get married get married in public in ceremonially of get married get married. At this moment, the singer begins to be sung old, majestic and the Ha Ni of hidden bitterness (send marry song) in singing, the bride that passes elaborate dress and make up is in of chaperon accompany below, the beautiful bamboo basket that pulling Cheng Youyi thing or carrying on the arm canister handkerchief, crying sadly to leave a married woman's parents' home. After giving bridal door, greet the person that kiss to want those who suffer the girl in the village and boy to flog, allow to take a beating only, forbid strike back, until gave village door to just stop. At that time, the bride is getting a flock of boys already going up on the way wait, see the bride comes, light a fire of 3 pine torches instantly, side by side the left of park road, among with right. Horizontal column of a white silk is in a fasten that inserts two a Jin Zhu, Jin Zhu respectively in the or so both sides of the road at the same time on the road. The bride comes over, had crossed firebrand, buy white line, state she becomes the person of husband home formally, bridegroom can marry the bride come home.
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