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Common of marriage of the Hui nationality
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Men and women of youth of the Hui nationality marries to choose to be wedding day on Friday commonly, because this day is in the habit of the Hui nationality,consider as auspicious day. The Hui nationality sets to wedding must not be held during the month of fast.
Marry before today, the man wants to woman home give sb a present, the woman wants send a present in return of Home Xiang Nan square, this kind of form is called to pass great gift. In the gift that the man gives the woman the home, see carnivorous, fruit, adornment wait, among them category of carnivorous, fruit is to send guest of woman home fete to use, and adornment category is to send a bride to dress up use. These gifts guide the person of man home to send the woman the home by imam. The woman's recompense is the thing of bridal dowry commonly, all that be like the home, dress, bedding, articles for daily use, be in those who receive man gift by bridal brothers that day, send in man home. Hold wedding this day, word of bright red happy event and couplet should be stuck in man home, one paragraph when there is Arabic to write in the middle of central room wall (the Koran) , both sides is Arabic scroll. One big early, the man's a relative on one's wife side people genuflect is in central room, listen to imam on bended knees to read aloud (the Koran) , invocatory Allah is blessed. After reading aloud, of marriage banquet presiding should entertain imam.
Bridegroom falls in the company that accompanies man, go-between, at litter sitting after the meal (or equestrian, on foot) will to bridal home greet close. When reaching bridal home, the entrance door of bridal home is closed however. Bridegroom call at the door to be let in is represented before accompanying man to go up namely, say a few congratulation, benedictory word, wait for woman home gate to open, the person ability such as bridegroom enters bridal home. Woman home is mixed very enthusiasticly to greeting kissing people courteous, bridegroom lets sit when entering refreshments banquet, want entertainment of tea of 3 on 3 areca, candy to greet the person that kiss and accompanied visitor. After refreshments passes, go up again a beef is cold piece, a bowl of cool chicken and a fish. On the fish desk, wear with respect to consciousness greet the person that kiss to be able to greet a bride. At that time, by accompany man and go-between deal with, let bridegroom rise and salute to woman father and mother, make the bride sits into the sedan, set out next start off. Bridal elder brother or little brother should support the litter staff of bridal sedan, send the ability after a paragraph of distance to return, also have what send the man the home all the time.
After the bride reachs man home, open litter shade by two females old person, take a bowl of small red meal to feed a bride to eat, red meal mixes have Song Ren, melon seeds and sesame seed, meaning to be born early expensive child, much child much grandson. The bride eats, after next litter, support sb with hand by two girls into the door. Bridal skill is held in both hands (He Ting) (the Koran) choose paragraph of Ji Shengxun) , raise money single-handed, meaning bless for invocatory Allah, take happiness and money to bridegroom home. At that time, bridegroom receives a bride in bridal chamber doorway. After the bride enters bridal chamber, the send happy candy that laps the red paper that brings from a married woman's parents' home gives the people of congratulate on a happy occasion. Catch fete guest, it is 8 bowls to take a cattle commonly, 8 people one desk, still add sometimes a few butterfly cole. Between banquet, person specially assigned for a task is added to guest buy a rice, take wait for very considerate.
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