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Common of Miao Zu marriage
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After men and women of Miao Zu youth hits it off perfectly through love, parents chooses auspicious day to marry for them. But inside the period of time before marrying, both sides of male and female cannot meet however, common says to " does not meet before " marriage, those who marry before today, the man marry things sends woman home look over. These receive close gift in, have one Zhang You is big cake of thick polished glutinous rice, it uses 25 jins to make it of face of 30 jins of polished glutinous rice, sufficient have winnowing fan big, reunion of group of bride of the bridegroom after expressing to marry is round, have ample food and clothing.
Marry this day, both sides of male and female is mixed in close friends of the fete in the home the villager that is the same as a village. Bridegroom accompanies man to accompany by a few, get married get married goes before taking a gift. Get married get married person in should have seasoned in senile man, get married get married person when reaching woman village, can one cause a woman to extend bamboo pole to block outlet, want with get married get married person singing in antiphonal style. Every are opposite a song, get married get married person should take out a gift to give these the woman, they just can call in bamboo pole gives way. Walk along a paragraph so, singing in antiphonal style, count second ability to reach bridal home repeatedly. During this, prevent bridegroom to let Fu Fu even people reave. If was reaved, they can rise bridegroom Tibet, the person that let get married get married cannot marry a bride on time. Reached bridal home, girls still can surround bridegroom, him do sth over and over again, make fun of one time, bring so that guest gives out blast blast cachinnate. Have more very person, some girls still use boiler ash to wipe the face of bridegroom those who get swarthy. Visitting the helter-skelter appearance of bridegroom, people can erupt a the whole room burst into laughter.
The bride is married after coming home, should hold do obeisance to hall ceremony, bridegroom bride should propose a toast to elder and guest, accept their congratulation. Have a meal before beginning, bridegroom bride should feed the first rice bowl to have a meal to parents first. During calamity, woman home will send close girls to be able to look at exact scope, cover bridegroom with big bamboo a large bamboo or wicker basket, make bridegroom cannot move. Looking at the bridegroom that struggles inside a large bamboo or wicker basket, people mirth becomes, increased infinite interest to wedding.
Be in a few places of Miao Zu inhabit a region, still withholding grab oldly close consuetudinary, they call the colour that pull Mi. On the foundation of love of freedom of young men and women, both sides decided jointly grab close time and spot. At the appointed time, the man makes an appointment with a few associate that be close friends, go grabbing the bride come home. Allegedly, implement this kind of in form grab close, if will come,man happy event is covered newly old, ability rational can tell the woman. Grab the bride after returning man home, the custom that presses seedling home again holds wedding, in the meantime, man home should send a person to taking a gift to go to woman home showing a case, make an apology, woman home also can rebuke and make a noise scold a few, accept next gifts then, some areas, grab the tussle that still can produce to be full of fun in person: The girl is informed the man to want to grab his, hide intentionally, invite the chaperon that is the same as a village about to count a person, hold rod of broom, bamboo to wait. Become the man when grabbing the person that kiss to book a place, do not see bridal sign. Puzzle, abrupt Fu Bing goes out together, rod of countless broom, bamboo falls on the head that scratchs the person that kiss, on the body. Boys immediately be aware comes over, but press consuetudinary be cannot of strike back. They are next to broom and bamboo rod at the same time, searching for a bride alertly at the same time. After the sign that discovers a bride, they join forces of be of one mind, of escape girls chase after dozen, grab the bride a man home.
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