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The most popular bridal setting color already bridal vogue puts demit Gong
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According to new business the newspaper reports according to the citizen political situation predicts: 2006, dalian city will have 50 thousand pairs of new personality to register get married,

"Do not see ability in Feburary, can order 51, the hotel of 11 is very difficult! With photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, our service bill increased one times. " Dalian round predestined relationship is formal manager Sun Lu is very busy recently -- , should push new popular trend every year, be she and window of year of company organizer research right now so when.

Marriage those who celebrated the setting of the spot to had been broken how many years " gules advocate hit " , resemble last year, baby blue with respect to a new force suddenly rises. "This year, tonal meeting continues weak go down, green will become fashion colour. " Sun Lu's statement is very excited: "Want even tower of lamplight, fluorescent club, cup to match with mass-tone photograph. "Want even tower of lamplight, fluorescent club, cup to match with mass-tone photograph..

The bridal theme this year meets more tendency affection: The romance of love, the favour of parents that foster, the contrail that grow... Sun Lu spoke of a few unforgettable wedding in impression: Having the keepsake that exchanges to new personality is not ring, however watch, representing this to begin momently, two people should spend every minutes of minute second together; Still have a pair, bridegroom is Japanese student studying abroad, the bride is Shanghai person, they hold to their him affection to convey, on wedding, their spot play is relating wonderful story, touched the close friends of all spots; 11 when a bride gives him bridegroom first time already the rose of airing takes the spot, writing on leaf " one's whole life " model of written characters; Another pair of new personality invite parents to tell about the growing experience of children, the effect has spoken than the parents on traditional sense much.

Most suffer chase after the bridal vogue that hold in both hands to put flying butterfly

New business signs up for dispatch (reporter Xu Hong) the marriage of one's whole life, often only then at a grand and elegant marriage celebration, but before celebration, because inexperienced and fine long hair is terribly defeated,the accurate new personality that serves as leading role often is met. Yesterday morning, in a poetic name of China colorful amount to a hotel 5 buildings " 9 dragon palace " inside banqueting hall, except contend for come appreciation " make love more wonderful " marriage celebrate outside exhibiting the new personality of more than 100 alignment that act, the person of the same trade that building of more than 10 shadows and marriage celebrate a company also is sent in succession come " emissary " study of view and emulate. Exhibit faultlessly when performing end of mobile drawing near, many accurate new personality are gratified place head: This child how many some backbone!
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