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30 kinds of love are classical name sentence
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1 do not go because of loneliness love, time is a devil, after a considerable period of time, if you are an amorous person, although do not love the other side, also can produce feeling to moment, how do you do to finally?   
2 without giving thought to how old much older,
No matter how is family friend urged, do not treat marriage casually, marriage is not card games, shuffling should pay enormous price.   

3 emotive issues are main it is to who wrong without who, he / she should leave you, always be where you have to cannot make him contented, the time that wants to was together in the past later always is good, despicable of course cheater also some, their fair-spoken it is for diddle the other side and him go to bed completely, of such person or class minority.   

4 do not mix casually others go to bed, encounter a true love in the future otherwise but he is the man that preserve one's moral integrity has a principle, you can regret in those days doing.   

5 when asking the other side is maiden, think oneself are in male, if be, you are OK, if not be, you by what?   

The 6 plans that not be inferior to the other side because of his appearance and abandon pursuit, appearance is temporarily impression only, will surely deny tie definitely truly main be decided by and double put disposition, I had seen the handsome young man matchs ugly female, what the belle matchs Chou Nan is too much.   

7 have the person love of a lot of difference to never mind with a habits and customs, marry should discreet, is different.   

8 divorces rate is high mirrorred stand or fall to differ at least at 2 o'clock: The good a bit sense that is people has been taken the advantage of change to human nature, do not ban in feudal thought bind oneself, bad is right with marriage imprudent, did not want good to marry?   

The woman that 9 meetings read is a dictionary, again good people also can be leafed through only when need, can playing the part of beautiful wife only is a vase, look long also in that way. Dress hairdressing is the requirement that has done a wife, not be to fill want a condition. You still need to read a book more, such your meetings discover the life is more good.   

10 marrying curtly had been a fault, also do not divorce curtly again. Have a try first, be no good really in from not late also.   

11 often hear of flavour of man flavour woman, you know man flavour is what flavour, what flavour is feminine flavour? Man flavour is open-minded brave, feminine flavour shows consideration for tenderness namely.   

What are 12 glamour? Glamour is not beautiful, pretty woman is not certain can absorbing, dignified and quiet and tastefully laid out woman has a talent to like. So you need not fear you are not quite beautiful.   

13 first love are to make a person unforgettable, feel good. Why? Because,not be he / very beautiful or she is very handsome, because cannot get,also not be it is good, the psychology when loving a river because of the experience at the beginning of the person however is unusually pure, do not have self distracting thoughts absolutely, know bend only oneself is all go loving the other side, and the following love is done not have so pure was too busy. Pure it is the most praiseworthy stuff between the world, what we can beg is it.   
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