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Equestrian field wedding
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Besides having pure white marriage gauze, had better be the wagon that one restores ancient ways, by courser delay is pulling delay to enter the arena, new personality can sit in carriage above, the blessing that accepts close friends happily and applause...

You can ask probably: In us cosmopolitan in, a such wedding, possible implementation?

In fact, there were a pair of newlywed people yesterday, held in field of horse of gram orchid Zhi first so the wedding like a fairy tale.

With other people of a new type, deng Congjie (29 years old, senior manager) reach He Sai (27 years old, empty elder sister) also hope oneself wedding can extraordinary, let oneself and relatives and friends keep unforgettable memory. Through pains ponders, they fall in the commendation of a friend eventually, the decision should become the first pair of newlywed person that hold wedding in equestrian field.

Bridegroom Deng Cong Jie says: "After we and strung of couplet of equestrian field staff, the response that did not think of them is very positive. Just a few negotiate, we knock the program that decided whole wedding and banquet detail. We knock the program that decided whole wedding and banquet detail..

Bridal He Sai expresses, oneself are the most unforgettable is the one split second that takes from carriage. She laughs say: "At that time, I feel I resemble a princess a bit really. I feel I resemble a princess a bit really..

This discloses to new personality, the charge of whole wedding exceeds 10 thousand yuan, among them the total value of bridal form a complete set of set of Ma Hui place 2500 yuan, the entrance that includes every guest ticket, stop ticket and a bottle of free champagne to wait; The free meal of the hire of the carriage that wears by a Ma La and marriage banquet, calculate additionally.

Nevertheless, because the area of hall of Ma Huigui guest is not large, because this is here when fete guest, can invite 120 people only at most.

To consortium of Singapore horse race, open horse field and honoured guest hall become bridal place, it is a novel and bold attempt. Chen Xiyu of manager of Ma Hui public relations expresses, actually, since completion of field of Ke Lanzhi horse, a lot of businessmen and individual once held commodity to recommend ceremony or birthday party over, just hold wedding or head to meet with.

She discloses, so far, already about 10 target newlywed person, to them inquiry holds bridal item in equestrian field. Believe the newspapers through this reports, can attract more new personality to choose to complete life major issue there.

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