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The most additional kind bridal

To marriage this is planted life important matter, general must planning a long time, 1000 carry 10 thousand anthology place just now marry auspicious day. Also have exception nevertheless -- all along the Liu Xuehua with pose as of pure bosom, traditional elegant beautiful woman, tried the flavor of bout " actuation " unexpectedly.   

Late on September 18, she and elder brother of lover Deng Yo and the good friend inside a flock of circles happilies gather under the same roof. The somebody on banquet alludes, 19 days are conjugal old good days. The person that say is inadvertently, auditor is intended. It is to get probably the impel of beautiful scene in a good day, deng Yokun breaks out crank to propose on the spot. Then they decide at 19 days of before dawn, in the testimony of spot good friend the blessing falls, declare marriage.   

Such additional kind of wedding, of course the marriage certificate of not need tradition. Wanted the rice paper of a piece of peachblossom at once as the Deng Yokun of dramatist, carry a pen to write down marry enunciative: "We decided to marry! From now on, depend on each other is in love, let photograph partner; Give aid to each other, mutual favor. Love, not be only reason. Give the heart of the other side his heart calm, give the future of the other side his future. It is entrust, it is reliance, it is the consideration that always stops endlessly and joyance. Do not need celebration, because celebration is the form of declare only. And we, unfeignedly is accepted be present the blessing of each from the bottom of one's heart, engrave from now on forever. When September 19, 1999 9 minutes. "When this paper of Yo chant of   Deng Yokun is enunciative, low all the time head listens attentively to Liu Xuehua. Enunciative read aloud finish, we all applauses simultaneously blessing, see continuous flow of Liu Xuehua tear only at this moment, touch and take goblet agreeably, accept everybody's blessing together with Deng Yokun. Next Deng Yokun, Liu Xuehua is in the inscribe place of " of " marriage person to sign together, and send book of that first wedding anniversary deliver testimony of spot friend sign one's name, finished this chic wedding.

The marriage with the biggest expense

Luonaerduo has not married, already achieved marriage to drive the record that go. Current, he announces to will be mixed much Ming Ge of cummer rice · marries in Brazil at the end of the year, because Duomingge already had pregnancy, the child predicts to will be in next year 45 month are born. With Luonaerduo, growing the Mi Duomingge of a golden hair, also be a very gifted football athlete.   

It is to have probably feeling marrying at celebrity always is the road to happiness full of hardships, luonaer against a rainy day, ask Duomingge signs notarial deed of the belongings before a marriage, ensure oneself the belongings of 80 million dollar does not suffer lose. This consultative general is unripe after the marital burst of two people effect. Luonaerduoben of 22 years old does not want to sign what agreement, but his classics does not live of tower of belongings adviser skin and Martin persuade again and again -- because they feel, the possibility that this Luonaerduo divorces in the future is too big really! Of course, leather tower and equestrian man also have " in the heart small 99 " -- the chamberlain as Luonaerduo, the regulation that two people can press notarial deed is draw-out the poundage of 10% .   
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