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Nanjing marriage banquet occupies meal course of study to pay expenses 4 be
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Imposition grows the 7 meal large family such as hotel of fishing port of the exposed to the sun inside area of Nanjing city drum-tower generally first half of the year this year, amount breaks through 26 million yuan, grow 33.29% compared to the same period, before jumping drum-tower area pay taxes first 100 strong. This also drove Nanjing city to lodge first half of the year tax of land of meal estate pay 305 million yuan, than last year the corresponding period increases 45 million yuan, grow 17.05% compared to the same period. As we have learned, hotel of the Milky Way of restaurant of hotel of fishing port of Nanjing exposed to the sun, center big public house, incredible connecting with the boxing skill, Su Ning, Nanjing is epochal cate of Wang Fu of lion of big public house, Nanjing lies fallow Gu Na of limited company, Nanjing the imposition amplitude of large family of these 7 meal amounts to restaurant respectively 91% , 60% , .

Analysis of the personage inside course of study says, this year first half of the year, nonlocal tourist increase sharply activationed the meal market of Nanjing. The Spring Festival, clear and bright this year, " 51 " holiday, gross of deadbeat of large family of these 7 meal breaks through 2.5 million person-time, tourist of ground of its China and foreign countries is occupied 1/5, become the backbone force that meal consumes. In addition, banquet of domestic banquet, friend party, marriage also is the outstanding window of meal course of study. According to statistic, nanjing has nearly 80 thousand pairs of new personality to hold wedding first half of the year, marriage banquet occupied whole meal to consume 4 into above.

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