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Hearsay of Yang Yuying marriage is not the end of the year of an empty hole
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In those days sweet song God Yang Yuying, after fading out of recreation to encircle far walk along Canada, had disappeared from the scene it seems that nowadays. Last night, sail of ginger of Yang Yuying junior fellow apprentice exposes to the sun piece: Yang Yuying will drape marriage gauze next year, with small thirdly year old bear of Bao surname male is a married couple, allow the faithful song that bridegroom ever was Yang Yuying to confuse, suffering is loved 10 achieve what one wishes end of the year. The Yang Yuying that will be person wife is absorption learn housework, daily life very " housewife " .

Yang Yuying

Yesterday network " Yang Yuying should marry next year " the message makes the central point that fix eyes upon, yang Yuying all shows pair of this matter in the close friends of Nanchang not know the inside story, the divulge person of this message on final reporter contact -- sail of ginger of the junior fellow apprentice that be the same as the door, the fact that knows this message backside reachs the recent situation that Yang Yuying is in Canada at present. In the meantime, yang Yuying accepts Jiang Fan extremely likely to invite, the end of the year goes back to the motherland sing " Asian flying person " film trailer music. Coming from me save the Jiang Fan of Po this world is Yang Yuying the junior fellow apprentice that be the same as the door, be in Guangzhou at present open room of creative work of art of song of movie and TV of He Jiangfan of limited company of art of true ox culture, hold creation of producer, playwrite, director, actor, singer, a general term for ci and qu concurrently to wait for much duty personally. When the Jiang Fan on reporter connection, he is temporarily mouth by accident exposure Yang Yuying's marriage after that regret unceasingly. Jiang Fan to reporter complaint, yesterday a day he keeps explaining concerned Yang Yuying to marry to the reporter be related, the case that there is nose ground having an eye to describe Yang Yuying and male friend in the report has bit of hyperbole really. Jiang Fan discloses, he is preparing the motion picture that takes to invest 70 million yuan to tell about sports champion " Asian flying person " , invite Yang Yuying to sing trailer song of purpose. When he and the Yang Yuying that are in Canada personally are contacted, because be the relation of younger brother of sister of the division that be the same as the door, still talked about some of thing on the life. How does for example pass now? Yang Yuying laughing ground answers: "Quite good, daily metropolis buys dish to cook, or got married next year how to do. " when he asks about affair of Yang Yuying love, meaning ground discloses Yang Sui, "Also be our Nanchang person, surname Bao. Surname Bao..
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