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This year " 11 " Chengdu marrier became little two become
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Annual " 11 " Chengdu can greet the golden week marry climax. Marriage of the Chengdu City celebrates association to forecast yesterday, suffer the element effect such as the earthquake, this year " 11 " during the new personality number that holds marriage dinner will decrease last year relatively two into.

Some marriage celebrates the chief Hai Lin that serves a company to introduce, after 12 earthquakes of 5 · , the business of the company got affect really, especially in June, in July, the effect of these 3 months is more serious in August, had signed even marriage the new personality that celebrates an agreement temporarily bridal change the date, remit to next year is held. The reporter calls Chengdu with the identity of consumer the marriage with a few larger scale celebrates a company, the other side all expresses, "11 " during marriage celebrate a service to still have room. The hotel of sunshine of reporter advisory Chengdu, much home public house such as Chengdu Tibet restaurant understands, most feast is booked not saturated, some appears even book empty shelves. Marriage of the Chengdu City celebrates Wang Qingyu of association office vice director to introduce, this year " 11 " during conservative estimation has 3 to marry to 40 thousand person about, hold annual marriage number 40% to 50% . Opposite at in former years, "11 " the marriage during is counted or arrive less two into.

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