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Group plan: Chen Huilin leaves sheet wears marriage gauze to turn into from
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Chen Huilin takes the advantage of the empty shelves before preparatory wedding, the Jin Zhizun gem that is collaboration 4 years again films brand-new TV and planar advertisement

Chen Huilin takes the advantage of the empty shelves before preparatory wedding, the Jin Zhizun gem that is collaboration 4 years again films brand-new TV and planar advertisement, this should be she leaves lone the last advertisement before films the job, she everything requirement is perfect, it is with one one's heart endeavors to cooperate more of course. Gem of this Jin Zhizun is gotten besides what design ten million of even more of many total value for her adorn, the modelling of tie-in and different high elegance, heavy still Jin Li hires two to help Kelly for years performing art circle glaring and perfect " teacher "- - Xi Zhongwen of division of Hong Kong modelling and Taiwan director Lin Jin and, before making a Kelly marriage together first " love ․ is happy " beautiful.

Be in new in advertisement of one collect plane, xi Zhongwen gives model of wedding of much money copy for Kelly design designedly, deserve to go up design of Jin Zhizun gem is unique luxuriant auger adorn, want to let her can experience the beauty of happy bride ahead of schedule, and filming when TV ad, ever went out to film the Taiwan director Lin Jin of countless MV is mixed up to now for Chen Huilin, more personally palm lens, take this accurate bride's most attractive eyes and limbs language, chen Huilin very be at ease a this ad performance, give these two men that trust very much, although filming " flying Apsaras butterfly " modelling, need staff member is bound on systemic gauze on transparent fishing line, both hands swings ceaselessly, very consume physical power, but Kelly sees a picture go up oneself are shown piece different before amorous feelings, also laugh say, leaving lone before, hope this supports ad piece can give everybody the most beautiful memory.

Old girl of neat card of good friend of Chen Huilin teacher turns into accurate bride

From go out up to now, arena modelling of Chen Huilin 100 change, will be the advertisement that Jin Zhizun gem films like 4 years, from the princess figure that riding Bai Ma at first, the cold 艶 modelling of mature self-confidence, make the happy nobility model of accurate bride to recently, chen Huilin laugh says, jin Zhizun is company she grows together, receive her to walk into the new level of life together. This to act commentate Jin Zhizun gem " love ․ is happy " advertisement originality, kelly is very happy can mix two again " teacher " collaboration, it is Xi Zhongwen disentombs in Hong Kong in those days her star goes qualitative, give agent bell precious her recommend, go all the way at the same time, xi Zhongwen also cudgel one's brains for, help her design all sorts of 100 arena model that change, and Lin Jin and it is Kelly rolls out special to film MV collaboration farthest is directed in Taiwan, kelly says, it is very clear that Lin Dao acts her what angle films the most beautiful, filming this so the spot, chen Huilin feels oneself " play " very happy, because everybody cooperates to already had deep tacit agreement, need not spend too much time to communicate, chen Huilin more the digital camera that filming empty shelves takes out him films titbits of behind the curtain, take commemoration day, she has confidence to express very much, this collect advertisement can be to leave lone before the most beautiful testimony.
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