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   Manchu man leaves old times send bundle of plait, wear A Chinese-style unlined garment of gown of horse's hoof sleeve, the woman wears cheongsam of bounty straight canister, the day is full, move beautiful shoe. Dress of clear acting full pattern ever shed a whole nation, take form with the Han nationality now same. Manchu woman does not pester a foot, what write shoe embroider to have beautiful ornamental design, fill up in the center of sole have the woodiness heel with 10 high centimeter, manchu woman is wearing such shoe to take a route, can maintain hold one's head high the gait that the body appearance that holds out a bosom and lumbar limb sway. The hairdo change of Manchu woman is very big, girl times, only simple gangmaster hair is pulled after the head. Grow fast when getting married, be about to comb the hair into braid and pull single shot hair worn in a bun or coil, postnuptial hairdo has type of type of double hair worn in a bun or coil, odd hair worn in a bun or coil to wait a variety of, hair of gangmaster of hair style of type of double hair worn in a bun or coil combs from cent of the top of head for around two parts. Hair worn in a bun or coil combs before flat-roofed shape, so that wear a hat, the hair worn in a bun or coil after the neck combs swallow end account, after leg extend leaves come, it makes neck child the position that always should keep erect, accordingly, manchu woman walks along a road to come more appear nobility, dignity. The marriage that the graph is combing her for a Manchu bride hairdo. The cheongsam is the dress that Manchu men and women is wearing all the year round, it cuts out simple, get field, around front of a garment is wide, and arm is narrower, 4 are cut into parts make, garment vent in the sides of a garment is longer, discontinue of facilitating mount a horse; Narrow narrow arm, facilitating archery. Because arm mouth protects sleeve with equestrian ungulate, call horse's hoof sleeve again. Break away from gradually in Manchu ride after shooting career, horse's hoof sleeve already became adornment, and put down horse's hoof sleeve to remain Manchu to be opposite better, honour person of greeting formal. The adornment sex of woman cheongsam is stronger than male cheongsam. Collar, the front part of a Chinese robe or jacket and cuff have embroider adornment. As the changes of the times, the change of cheongsam style is very big also, 4 are cut into parts make also instead is cut into parts two pieces make. The figure of woman of can very good expression mixes the cheongsam curve. The graph is the waists-coat that Manchu woman wears in cheongsam coat. Embroider has delicate pattern. Wear a cheongsam to jump the Manchu woman of palace dance. The man that wearing traditional and Manchu cheongsam, include to take the aba of arrow sleeve and a waists-coat, and the cap of Manchu male.

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