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The Jingpo nationality
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   Man of the Jingpo nationality likes to wear white or garden of black a kind of Chinese-style jacket with buttons down the front gets jacket, the compose on Baotou cloth has small cloth with a soft nap or pile on one or either side of lacy pattern and color bead, go out to wear broadsword and canister handkerchief constantly. The woman wears black a kind of Chinese-style jacket with buttons down the front, issueing all skirt that black, red weaves, legging is taken on the leg. Full-dress on the woman jacket around when and shoulder compose has a lot of silver-colored hubble-bubble, silver strip, 7 silver-colored necklace or a string of silver-colored chain or Yin Ling are hanged on the neck, longer than finger tremella canister is worn on ear, the Dai Yi on the hand is opposite or the silver-colored bracelet of two pairs of bulky engraved designs. Dai Yin hand acts the role of the woman to express abler more more, richer. Some women still like the disdain that use a cane to make up Cheng Teng to encircle, besmear has red lacquer, black lacquer, surround in the waist, think cany circle jumps over the United States more more. Men and women of the Jingpo nationality all likes chewing tobacco careless, Lu Zi, areca and drink, acquaintance meets to take out bamboo slip to pour photograph of a cup of wine to respect from canister handkerchief.

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