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De Ang a group of things with common features
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  The dress of De Ang a group of things with common features is very rich oneself characteristic, black cloth package is used again after Gong Deang and beautiful De Ang raise the woman shave shaven head of the department, happy event wear big earring, silver-colored necklace, wear jerkin of a kind of Chinese-style jacket with buttons down the front of blue, black, edge of front of a garment sets two red list, ball of lubricious small cloth with soft nap decorates lap Bian Yonggong, green, Huang San. Different the woman that pays a department, multi-purpose the line color that skirt edge horizontal stroke knits tries to distinguish. The man wears jacket of the front of a Chinese garment which buttons on the right of blue, black more, pants is short and wide, the head wraps black white cloth, two end act the role of Baotou with ball of cloth with soft nap of of all kinds, also wear big dangler and silver-colored necklace. De Ang a group of things with common features has those who tattoo the skin is consuetudinary, prick the design that waits for oneself to love with tiger, deer, bird, flower, grass in leg of arm, size and bosom commonly.

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