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The Hani nationality
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  The jacket of the Yi car woman that lives in red river area and appearance form are made relatively special, appearance cries " however cling to " , without get without front of a garment, lap is hemicycle, two side are a circle, mouth, turtle shell of be similar in shape, common says " chelonian type skirt " ; Jacket " however child " , also do not have get without front of a garment, be in only left set with seventeen false cloth is buckled. "However child " should use the 9 parts to 12 clothings mosaic, plait becomes ladder one design, the daub after Qing Dianzhe is caught glue of a cowhide, already hard solid Hei Liang can prevent rain again.
What wear on head of Yi car woman is form if handkerchief of white fastigium head, the private parts is worn " pull 8 " knickers. Because live in,this is semi-tropical the arrogate to oneself of Yi car person with sad a mountainous area prison opens terraced fields to plant paddy, and the farm work that grows fry to cut cereal to shovel a low bank of earth between fields, it is the woman's handicraft work mostly. Inconvenience of next trousers uprise a low bank of earth between fields, water Tian Jun. Long-term paddy field life and semi-tropical climate environment make the dress of Yi car woman tends simplify, and trousers criterion more " short change " to tight naked leg, be bordering on a swimsuit.
The clogs below foot of Yi car person, the Japanese of Ceng Rangxin root surpriseds, they are mixed almost Japanese clogs exactly like. The clogs of the Hani nationality cries " A You is lubricious so " , chop with soft qualitative lumber cut and become, there are two a tooth-like part of anythings below, be being worn before shoes is tie knots of one bifurcation form, place in beetle-crusher bifurcation, can walk. And some women are flat and barefoot to-and-fro. This also is the result that the paddy field works and semi-tropical climate affects.

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