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Wedding Planner in the post the first move
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Marriage shall be offered this year, planning and service professionals, and the first batch of 100 wedding planner training. Technical school in Wuhan Optics Valley yesterday announced the listing, will secondary vocational schools in the province the first to eat crab. "Wuhan is the wedding market, the shortage of planners", Wuhan Xin Tao, said Secretary General of the wedding, Wuhan, nearly 10 million a year the couple married, professional wedding team of 2000, but the talent gap is at least 3 million people, "in Wuhan , Wedding planners have done the best over 10 million in annual revenue. " Wuhan Optical Valley Technical School principal, said Yang Fan, wedding planners wedding professionals will create science, psychology, marriage, wedding planning, bridal make-up design, more than ten professional courses.
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