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Zhengzhou, more than the bride heard the more customary marriage "Yuncai"
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User post】 【couples opened "defense of marriage" 26, a netizen "yumenren" (depressed people) are in the business network "providers are community" part post "end a marriage how to play it so Biequ ah? What are the rules of Zhengzhou in the end? "The depressing thing to talk the bride. "We have many pressing me money, how much pressure her family, husband to a little more pressure. The man said the family did not pressure me Zhengzhou money, not to pressure. My mother gave me an account deposit of 10 million, said that the dowry money. But I Zhengzhou's friends say there is pressure box of money, but Zhengzhou is doubled. "netizens" yumenren "said, because he is Xinxiang, Zhengzhou prospective groom is the man at home wish to marry in accordance with the rules to do in Zhengzhou. In addition to these, the prospective bride also "inquire" to a bunch of practices to: the man buy a house, the woman fitting, and repairing home appliances; both parties have pressed me money; is connected family on the wedding day ... ... so many wedding customs from Xinxiang bride "yumenren" thorough "Yun Cai" the. User "yumenren" feel, according to local custom wedding marriage is normal, may be seeing the man opened the "custom list" getting longer and longer, she can not help but hit the question mark: "I'd like to ask some of Han Marriage Customs of Zhengzhou in the end , married a lifetime thing, you can understand that not have to ask? " User thread】 【end their marriage, whatever others may say User "yumenren" issued by the post, many people on the network caused by the resonance, many users thread reply. User "blue sand" hope "yumenren" to calm down, "Do not let the so-called rules undermine the forthcoming new life." Love Evening News newspaper group, the number of users have expressed the most important couples understand each other, the feelings of a few years fruition soon, if the destruction of so many rules too worth it. "Rules are dead, the rules and, Keren is alive." Netizens "Su hand blue heart" said the old rules to vary, but to abandon the old rules are outdated. "Honey plum" is reference to the time of her marriage, her father say the "new new thing to do, Zhashui ye good," to persuade users "yumenren". Many netizens said that it is not fixed in Zhengzhou and the rules of marriage, focusing on men and women to do new things two new mutual understanding, to come and discuss. MC】 【rules from simple gold from smooth, joyous wedding map is For users "yumenren" reflect the problems, this reporter consulted more than the city's gold wedding master of ceremonies. Gold wedding master of ceremonies Jane Fei Xue, told reporters in Zhengzhou in the past does have the man buy a house, the woman's ritual decoration repairing appliances, pressure tank is also very ancient custom of money, but many old customs have changed with the times are different, " The old rules that have lots to talk about before, but now we want to simplify, how smooth and how to. " Zhengzhou City, the first wedding of Fortune married club founder, said Wei Bo Li, Zhengzhou now the wedding is not dead rules, and there are many interesting wedding customs are still in use, such as routing wedding wedding day, do not go back to get all the rules generally welcomed, and red envelopes "a thousand miles to pick one" "one in a million" is also auspicious.
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