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National Day holiday wedding photo studio wedding hot phenomenon more
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In October, it is the joy of harvest, and harvest of love. National Day holiday, many couples have to wedding photography studio, family portrait, so that more rich festive atmosphere. The tenth anniversary of National Day Bupai wedding wedding This year is to marry Miss Lee and the tenth anniversary of the blue, the National Day holiday they Bupai a wedding, filled with joy in their happy faces. Miss Blue Houjie: "Marriage is not filmed before the wedding, now just the 10th anniversary of wedding, I'll come Bupai, the mood was so happy." "Rattle" sound good screen freeze Reporter learned from some studio, the past few days, wedding photography and family portrait a particularly large number of people who have chosen to celebrate the day in pictures, fixed good memories. Road, Kau, a photo studio staff: "National Day to be several times more than usual. Oct. 1 that day, we have done from 7 am until 11 pm, busy." National Day holiday, the business end of the boom in print studio Today, the people begin to travel back, you have to photo shop to print the photos taken during trips out of the business of major studio gets hot up. Mr. Yue, a public Sha Tin: "The recent turn with his family outside a bit, coming in want to wash their own photos, good Liugejinian, later it can look like."
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