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To the end of the year, with the advent of peak wedding, honeymoon began to heat up. In recent years, many young people keen to take wedding photos and honeymoon together, while wedding photographs while traveling, the romantic time recorded. Hot to one: Shanghai Foreign White Bridge Whether the recent idol drama, war movie or a wealthy opera scores, as long as related to the old Shanghai, and there will certainly be a place that is outside the White Bridge. This bridge has a 100 years of history has become a symbol of old Shanghai. Walking in the steel bridge, watching the neon lights create the fast-paced world, pondering the past on the screen love scenes, there are also bitter sweet. "A Spring River Flows East", "the beach" and "Eighteen Springs", "Romance in the Rain," where the disputes are full of pathos to love outside the white cross inscribed in the soul. Who is the streets of Shanghai at night that promised eternal commitment, and with the tall iron bridge into a beautiful memory? Who is on the jump from the iron bridge, leaving the "If I become a mermaid, I will come to you," the immortal oath? Sunset, walk the bridge, with the recollection of old Shanghai style, and write a romantic two people are. ■ travel tips: Transportation: outside the White Bridge in Shanghai, Suzhou Creek and Huangpu River at the intersection of convenient transportation. Take Metro Line 2 to Nanjing East Road Station, walk to the Bund, and then a 5 minute walk to the north outside the White Bridge. Can also take the 37 road and 123 road from the bus to the Bund, the walk that is. Food: There are many outside the White Bridge around Shanghai snack bar. Zhapu snack street near the very unique, worth a go. Popular in two: Xidi, Hongcun Huizhou is also a romantic love story unfolding in many places, walking in Xidi, Hongcun narrow alley, and occasionally a few beam of sunshine through the stone through the window, people experience the quaint charm. Here, white walls and gray tiles bridges, elegant chic, is filled with romance. TV drama "Oranges" in the courtyard Xiuhe interpretation in Huizhou tragic love story, it attracted a lot of people go to places such as the paradise-like. Just imagine, and his beloved nestled under a peach tree growing on the entrance to the village, in the village, the mountain forests, experience the quiet flow of time, how a simple romantic ah. ■ travel tips: Food: You can taste the crab in the village restaurant fried yellow, Huizhou steamed dumplings, the burden of dumplings, fried snail, black rice, tea, five city dry hair fried tofu, tofu Laba, gourd dumplings, fried pastries, and other local pine bud Lo food. Can also buy some local specialties, such as: Three River Santan loquat, Confucianism Village Torreya grandis, three river dried bean curd, pecan, etc. Three River Huizhou. Tickets: Tickets are 80 yuan each, December 1 - February 28 next year to 65 during the low season. Students half price vouchers. Top to three: Xixi Wetland Xixi is the elegant, light, quiet. As "You Are the One," the location, the so kept in purdah Xixi known around the world. Thousand years ago, the Southern Song Dynasty Emperor Zhao Gou fled to Hangzhou, was that "a stream a cigarette" the scene fascinated expresses the sentence: "Xixi and stay." So they left the left a thousand years time, retained the ink flow of people marked the beginning poet's song, stay south of Yangtze River in the misty rain had blurred, but also keep the wine sections Guo people house legacy. Walking Xixi, temporary bridge pavilion, Xuemei Qiu Shu, every door windows are open a story, tell of a history of each door. You can lean on a railing and balcony, can brook to catch. The century-old camphor tree pit under the mouth of the ancient stage, there will always be sung with those yellow tone. Point, a glass of wine, a few little treat in there doing nothing, listening fleeting. ■ travel tips: Transport: Hangzhou Xixi National Wetland Park is located in the west, less than 5 km away from the West Lake. Visitors can travel distribution center in Hangzhou Huanglong shuttle bus, or take the K310, K506, K193, Y13 way to arrive. Food: Xixi main food for fish, carp, grass carp, crucian carp, lobster, fresh meat, taste better. Tickets: door + scenic cruise 140. Top to four: Lijiang From Guilin along the Lijiang River cruise terminal Mopanshan to Yangshuo, all the way to the most beautiful scenery in the Yang Di to Xing Ping period, the more the more cross direction to the Kit Kat Yangshuo Majestic. Pan Li River boat trip, considerable reflection peaks, clear water of Castle Peak, Fisherman recreational fishing, quaint rural people, fresh breath - all so poetic. In recent years, the couple married in Guilin resort called "Ink Square", the mountain with water in a small bank of the Lijiang River, Four Seasons distinctive scenery, clear water in spring and autumn flowers Haixia have a Maple Leaf winter grass. Remove the natural scenery with the mountains and other natural, but also set up a number of outdoor artificial landscape elements, the raft drift, Scarecrow fence, park bench, and so European. The wedding popular in - where can Yangshuo viewfinder, with mountains and water the flowers have a house, while taking pictures while playing, enjoying themselves. ■ travel tips: Accommodation: Yangshuo hotels can be divided into three grades (standard price): low tens of dollars a day; mid-range 150 yuan; high-grade 500 yuan. Shopping: Traditional craft workshops, the can buy exquisite hand embroidery and Hydrangea Zhuang, Yao Yao Jin and embroidery, batik wall and Miao batik clothing, but also saw some of the old hand-made fabric technology and processes. Food: Citrus grandis Yangshuo to fruit large thin flesh, flesh fragrance crisp, juicy and refreshing known. Choose not to buy a small pomelo buy big, buy do not buy light weight, fruit shape, great on the small, the pedicle was short-necked form, the bottom of the money ring ring, commonly known as "Governor of money", we have found is a purebred. Top to five: Sanya Yalong Bay in Hainan area, can often be seen wearing a bright dress of the bride and groom wedding fashion, in the white beaches and clear blue sea, while playing side of the wedding photographs, to see their full spectrum of soulful love the pose, really makes the envy of their happiness. Sanya has the advantage of numerous outstanding local wedding photography studio, business maturity, the price is very affordable, the key is to have a film full delivery of basic services. Great wedding photography and beach resorts can be combined, and even the wedding can not take. In addition to the typhoon and heavy rain season, no time to Sanya can enjoy. Sunny, lush trees. Coconut white sands, sun, blue sky, blue sea and hot springs, strapless, halter will not feel cold, you can choose all kinds of wedding, enjoy the stretch in the sun. In the clothing, you can wear a wedding dress, let the wind raised skirt flying, you can wear civilian clothes, white skirt, jeans + shirt, even if Tuo Lexie barefoot walk on the beach are a good choice, and even shooting together a group of bikini photos collection. Shooting, regardless of whether someone shot at you, the Laugh, the jump to jump, to capture the moment things look to the photographer to finish, so your wedding moving. ■ travel tips: Accommodation: There are three Sanya Bay - East China Sea, Sanya Bay and Yalong Bay. Same five-star hotels, the cheapest is the East China Sea. If you want to experience the unrivaled views of Yalong Bay, but also compromise. Such as five days and four nights of the trip, can be two nights in the Bay, two nights in the East China Sea, so the total price for a lot cheaper. Top to Six: Lijiang Lijiang is the best place to get married travel, cold on top of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, clouds and mist all year round, even in the most sunny weather, the sun is difficult to penetrate cloud cover, the legendary autumnal equinox is the sun and the moon each year to pay the contract with the Ying-hui day Only in the special accidental moment, there is a meter long to see the sun shines on the top, while the sun shines by this road people will be able to have I, unchanging love. Perhaps the miracle of this moment many people have no chance to see life, but the beauty of the ancient city of Lijiang is real can be sensitive. They are everywhere and the scenery with stories about love, it is known as "the most suitable for tourism marriage place." Selected shooting scene in Lijiang do not bother, here is the King everywhere, from the grass hill and dale Shanhua Needless to say, the ancient city more beautiful and elegant style, the appeal across time and space. Road covered with quartzite secluded alley, but after the clear front of gurgling water, warm sun, the old town, and the open field are highly artistic effect. In a peaceful environment, restore yourself to become the real you --- the lens elements to Lijiang, a beautiful collection together, and loved ones together to paint a watercolor quiet, the feeling should be very good. ■ travel tips: Shopping: Lijiang is famous snow silver, silver bracelets most popular tourist favorite. Of course, like "Yimiyangguang" in the bell or have Naxi culture kind remarks of the bone pendant and so on. Accommodation: The Inn has a variety of grades, good to three-star standard, the price of an ordinary night in general between 50-100 yuan. One forgot like a ride, so the more famous inn eight weeks. Food: Vermicelli and Suantang Yu bridge here, but the most authentic. Dashiqiao area must be morning or afternoon snack, evening, famous soybean flour are sold out. M enema in the street looking for, try the taste, like the snack bar and then in the points. Jelly beans, chicken, Lijiang Baba is strongly recommended to the small beam River Square Street to eat, find old mother put the open-air stalls, delicious and inexpensive.
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