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Wedding fashion show the first quarter of this newspaper to invite you to exper
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Earl theme wedding together gold base, large Wo era wedding companies, wedding photography beauty --- White wedding dress, rose flowers, the church bells ... ... Every one has a romantic dream about the perfect wedding. Early winter, the staff work base theme wedding gold count, big time wedding Wo companies, beauty Wedding photography together to create "Winter Sonata" wedding fashion show in the first quarter of Shanxi Evening News, to tell you how good life for themselves a brilliant collection of memories. To radiant at the wedding? We have prepared for you "perfect bride" class, so you head to toe impeccable, turned the perfect bride. Still hesitant to build their own dream wedding? November 20, gold wedding theme base count of 10,000 square meters to provide you with space for five theme wedding, wedding by the time the company Dahe site released the original five styles Creating stylish wedding, give you an unprecedented experience of happiness, tell you how to retain the most beautiful moments in life. If you dare to challenge themselves, with the wisdom and courage Yingde TA appreciation and love hearts, but also to join us since the "dare to love to win it," Love Interactive, November 27, show love, to win their ten thousand yuan Marriage 尚大礼 Package and happiness passwords! ■ Application Conditions Willing to share with you the sweet love couple. Meet the state legal age for marriage, couples preparing for marriage. Willing to share with the prospective new couples experience love and marriage. TA is prepared to declare the truth boldly single men and women. Come prepared to bless the friends and relatives new readers The delegation. Of course, we also welcome all readers concerned about the activities of our friends to attend the wedding fashion show. ■ Setting prizes 1, we will invite readers to visit the theme wedding gold base watching the Earl of five fashion wedding release, each will receive 500 yuan worth of "beauty bride" photography experience card. 2, each of the couples participated in the activities, will be awarded 500 yuan, "beauty bride" photography experience card. 3, we will participate in the activities of all couples to pick out five pairs of new people to "dare to love to win it," live love interactive PK, the winning couple will receive 1 million worth of wedding fashion spree. 4 participate in the "dare to love to win it," the activities of the remaining four couples will be awarded 4,000 yuan, respectively, wedding fashion spree. 5, readers can also participate in the activities we recommend that couples, once selected, will also receive 1,000 yuan worth of "beauty bride" wedding photography experience card. 6, we also invited 20 readers to the jury as the general public to participate in our "dare to love to win it," Love interactive, on-site to determine the winner of ownership! ■ Registration Now until Nov. 26 ("dare to love to win it," Love interactive activities at November 19 registration), call the hotline at 0351-4286666 newspaper, to attend the wedding fashion show it! Let's Meet in November, would love packaging so fortunate Fu gorgeous bloom this winter!
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