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2008 marry " economy is applicable model " man
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Marry, just do not marry a man, marry him however the summation of full social relations. Marriage can the love all highbrow art and literature is delicate the reality of fuel of ground translate into. The man of family background of what kind of family is spent to marital faithfulness highest? The man of setting of what kind of education and professional characteristic is the most responsible feeling?

   "Economy is applicable model " man sketch

Height 170cm is controlled, appearance is gentle, the skin slightly white, facial features slants fruity, wear spectacles for nearsighted persons, hair style is traditional -- your person look over forgets exterior namely. Like clean lubricious T-shirt and fine style shirt, wear recreational shoe, carry computer bag all the year round. Married " economy is applicable model " in the man's purse, putting wife photograph or wife to follow child group photo normally.

   Economy is applicable room VS " economy is applicable model " man

Economy is applicable room: The country executes land free transfer, duty of big municipal form a complete set expends derate, face broad in low income family and the construction, housing that sell.

"Economy is applicable model " man: Execute salary free turn over to the higher authorities, derate female exceeds mark illusion to marriage, face broad wait for marry a girl and preparation, lone man.

   Economy is applicable the characteristic of housing is as follows:

Property: House of small profit commodity, price is low

Property right: Complete property right

Sell a license: Applicable housing sells economy the 5 card such as card

Sell an object: In low income dweller

Land card: Transfer is state-owned land access card

Construct scale: The government approves annual plan

The price: Governmental price fixing

Build a standard: Door model, area, class accept a government to coach, for average level residence.

Plan to design: Action bid.

Develop construction: Action bid.

Project quality: " construction project quality clearance " , " residential guarantee of quality " , " residential operation instruction handbook " .

Property management: With general goods room, on the low side, assure basic service.

Guaranty borrows money: Can.

   "Economy is applicable model " man characteristic is as follows:

Property: Small profit invests, the demand is little
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