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Marital jewel: There is conqueror when quarrelling
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Marital jewel: When quarrelling without conqueror

"Bear " the wisdom that the word represented Cang Jie especially, insert the knife on the heart, the sort of be torn off, the feeling that be overwhelmed with sorrow, the human body in marriage is met most deep-rootedly -- obviously he (she) the person that is him love, use the sharpest blade on the world however, to oneself flintily cut out is cut. What differ with massacre place is, the war in marriage, have a victim only, without song of conqueror tall win victory.

Since since marrying, the knife that my heart has plugged more than 100 different brands -- knife of Swiss sabre, fruit knife, brick, bone knife... some bruise did not heal up to now, but I am not here is to want accuse, I want to say, I love my wife, and our feeling still fresh. In some sense, in I and wife from time to time wrestle is killed in, promotional also we are right marital realization, this is the husband and wife of a pair of battle-scarred's most great gains.

When be being written down so that we marry 3 years, it is the period with bilateral most frequent brawl. Every time when we make a noise blaze is risingly, I can speak to her: "It is you go, be still I go? " later, or is her ground of in a rage throws the door and go, or is me seize the door and go out, anyhow, I have a such consciousness -- fury is impossible to appease, of only should escape namely to means.

The result that such doing is bad, when us some one party chooses to leave field hind, do not disappear automatically on behalf of conflict, contrary, when us outside " sober " after period of time, come home, still want to face impasse, vexed however from half jins swollen arrived 79. "We are so noisy go down, can make a noise sooner or later come loose. " once, wife in sad hind say to me so, I was stupefied really, tell the truth, I do not want to lose her.

Once, after our be difficult with sb, I leave without the choice, feel distressed however the ground says: "I won't walk out of a door half pace, also hope you won't, it is good that we learn face-to-face Jing Yijing? " wife according to solid did. This is a great transition -- not be to say we did not have brawl from now on, form in the home however such one does not become the established practice of article: When brawl, our both sides still has freedom, for example, on a piece of any bench that can sit freely in the home, but do not choose to leave absolutely.

Do not choose to leave, mean a risk to increase, but also have profit, at least, the word that can allow the other side to say this says. And be in later in getting along, I can discover, some words that she says are right, if I seize the door and piece, both sides can want to jump over gas more, jump over gas to feel the other side is impenetrable more.
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