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Husband lives manual
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Regulations of marriage of male and female:
1. Before signing on marriage certificate, careful consideration.
2. After careful consideration, consider again please.
3. Consider please again.
4. When can no more considering really, ask consideration of the other side.

Husband evening puts in regulations 's charge:
1. Did not come home in the middle of the night more than.
2. Exceed at 2 o'clock, had considered two reason.
3. Exceed at 3 o'clock, prepare 3 ground. .
4. Exceed at 4 o'clock, need not consider any reason, because everything is unfruitful.
5. Reason content: ? of pray of feng4huang2 of Yao die young does not say solid principle. .

Husband inquiry regulations:
1. Do not ask you do not think known thing.
2. Do not ask wife does not think saying thing.
3. Those who remain is OK ask, but do not believe the result.  

Husband avoids calamity regulations:
1. Can when storytelling, do not tell the truth.
2. Blame tell the truth cannot when, say a good word first. .
3. When fine words result is right, timely join a lie to be in truth. .

Law of husband live on a degradation:
1. Do not talk about the topic that has controversy sex with wife.
2. When if have,arguing, do not have verdict as far as possible.
3. If be not,have verdict cannot, it is conclusion with the conclusion of wife.

Husband is tongueless and mensurable:
1. When wife is right, shut up absolutely do not say she is incorrect.
2. When wife is incorrect, see her complexion be opposite first incorrect.
3. She is opposite or be incorrect without giving thought to, you say forever incorrect. .

Husband labor is mensurable:
1. Can oneself do, do with respect to oneself.
2. Oneself cannot do, push wife to do.
3. After wife finishs, what to fill the hole does is even more than what he do.    

Husband troubles law:
1. Wife is occupied the metropolis that do not have a thing comes irritated you.
2. Wife does not come irritated you, the meeting that receives credit comes irritated you.

Husband belief regulations:
1. Believe oneself can change wife.
2. If cannot be changed, reinforce belief. .
3. Cannot change wife, change conviction.

Husband dig down is mensurable:
1. Do not give too much, but should let wife feel very much. . .
2. If wife feels not quite much, when giving again, go up must not exceed 5% .
3. Remember, the money number that gives this is the bottom line that next secondary give

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