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It is too difficult to love each other to get along simply
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It is too difficult to love each other to get along simply

A lot of moment, 2 individual lives get along than a person even painstaking.

A person when, want where to go to, want to go out with who with who, need not be scolded by the boss today for the boy friend bad need person accompanies the mood and sacrificial become reconciled meets friendlily, it is important in the morning to because the girlfriend catchs a cold to attack of fever needs to take care of and sacrifice,also do not need the conference.

A month does not go out, do not have a person to be able to complain to you the day is very dull, take bubble side everyday, also won't somebody disrelishs you bad to him, do not talk in the evening, nobody can say in side side you do not care him, a week does not bathe, also won't somebody disrelishs you dirty.

2 people are together, when he is grouchy, you are responsible should listen attentively to, take care of, look for Le Zi for him, although yourself mood is bad also, also want brace to help the other side cheer encourage.

A person when glad to work overtime every day day break also nobody is in charge of you, but 2 people when, if you sleep in the company every day, the other side can complain why you don't agree to spend time to accompany him, it is brawl parts company even next.

Some men think love is very easy, should spend bit of time to ask ︰ only " satiate not? " the nonsense of talk frivolously of and so on, now and then eat together have a meal, see a movie, be equal to love still continueing.

But, if you are done so really, you can discover a woman actually very doleful, you just know in the end you know her far from what thinking, wait for you to know love wants " attentively " ability continual moment, the woman is early had decided to leave you.

Should have talked about love actually not difficult, beautiful mental efforts heals much, more the opportunity maintains good relationship. When you envy the sweethearts with certain good feeling, might as well the price that thinks they are paid rear.

Very envy some sweethearts to do what thing to always be together, come off work together, watch TV together, have a meal together, prepare food together, take a walk together, bathe together, sleep together next.

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