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A kind of disease calls the fear before marriage
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Think of to marry to fear, gutty disease calls the fear before marriage

The wife says: "Marriage resembles encircling an unmeasured deep well beside me. Can be I defended all one's life with him? Can I follow his family relate? Can the mother-in-law ask to me a lot of? Can the mother-in-law ask to me a lot of??

The man says: "Do I have many to love her? Am I willing to abandon the freedom of single life for her? Because marry,I am willing and change before life condition and friend circle? Because marry,I am willing and change before life condition and friend circle??

   Think of to marry somebody fears

Model young lady already 30 several, two years ago, she encountered a man that loves her very much suddenly, condition of the other side is pretty good, open-armed also to her good, this lets model old connections had the young lady's heart true sensation. Nevertheless model the young lady thinks the other side is not the kind that he likes all the time, so very hesitant otherwise should accept his love. Nevertheless, almost the cater-cousin in all boudoir is blowing unheeded advice all the time however: This man can be a good man certainly, if you do not choose him, this all one's life also cannot find the man that loves you so like him again. Below double offensive, model the courtship that the young lady promised the other side in some day eventually. But after feeling looked to have her of a home to return to eventually, become sullen however, not talktive, still often a person runs the other place travels. Recently, model the young lady puts forward to divorce, because she feels " such marriage just is touched really, is not love, and oneself also cannot pass so again " ...

  Expert analysis:

Occasionally fear is the heart needs truly

Although man condition is good, but be not the type with woman favorite place, it is the pressure because of the outside and age only, the woman chose compromise finally between reality and ideal, and after compromising, this individual is not accepted in him heart, inner angst cans be imagined. The friend's view is actually " marry to marry " , marital premise still is feeling, especially already opposite to oneself material condition it is such more for outstanding white-collar female. Choose marriage because of pressure, this premise is wrong.

Explicit condition is less important still after all, consider well, whether is the other side the person that he likes truly, whether be worth to be spent all one's life in all with a such people. Understand most in him heart only, redo gives choice later. This also is to leave the only way that fears marriage and angst. Want to notice, either the fear before all marriage is negative certainly, occasionally it is the real need of your heart probably.
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