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The crisis of glamour = woman of the man?
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The crisis of glamour = woman of the man?
  • No matter be the woman in marriage, still be the white snow princess in be passionately in love, allow when to be awaited, you do not do yourself into yellow face mother-in-law.

Still remember, 8 years old seventeen when, the white horse prince of the dream in the heart grows very namely, the man student of the age and own similar is good, this perhaps is 70 hind the first pure love of young woman student. The schoolgirl of that time, when liking a schoolboy, just like purely, did not think of record of formal schooling of the extraction of this schoolboy, social status, diploma, the honest person that because the optimal son in the parental heart of that moment is steady and sure,works.

And the Bai Ma in the 80 schoolgirl hearts after is princely, the change of handsome young man that also loves most from 16 years old is more a few more integrated, more requirements are to makings of fact of diploma record of formal schooling, true material, career has, the success that has economic base man, it is a handsome young man, this is not important, want to liked to go only. In actual life, too much net is loved, the office is loved, the real case that teachers and students loves, this perhaps is the best explanation of extramarital affair, of course, the glamour of such rich man, the likelihood says the glamour that is money, then they with respect to deal with between many women, enjoying the treatment like the emperor. Neighbour has, 2 female in all real issue of Shi Yifu, marry concubine to do wedding breakfast into the door, helping those who getting together is his mother-in-law and big wife.

The net is loved is the emotional trap that lets impossible to defend effectively of young woman student more. TV heat tracked a Shaanxi 21 years old yesterday the girl, room understanding chats on the net a netizen scampish young man student of 17 years old, this schoolboy falls in the put-up plan of two his brothers, make an appointment with this schoolgirl to meet, taking her to come to hotel subsequently, suffer 3 schoolboys by turns after botch, be shut to rise, press schoolgirl goes walking the street make money, girl of this beautiful to season is how distressed blow, fictitious world conceal is worn too much calculate and injustice, let a person must be opposite this " the most familiar stranger " try beware of and vigilance.

The friend is young colourful phone is crying to say: "I also do not believe his word again, we are together 10 years, annual he says to marry with me, married last year the day is ordered in the National Day, marry that day, kin friend came, and he says this marriage does not written guarantee again. Do I a bit dignity is done not have. " alas, it is this is blamed ' marry make period ' , marrying ought be the man's best to the woman happy acceptance, it is the saddest and painful to became a woman however now expect. If a man from beginning to end marry in be being hanged in the mouth, and not Fu Zhu at the action, I think, be the woman should think time of this paragraph of emotive well, be in in waste all one's life why " you inspect him to be jewellery, the man that he looks you to be muck " go up personally, such, too undeserved.
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