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Marriage love a woman 5 old foolish think of a way, do you have?
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Love makes a person easily blind, let easily love to lose ego artificially, everybody is actually equal before love, only such ability can have long happiness. Look marriage is still young in making up the marriage that recommends for you to loveWomanMust not some absurd notion, you must have correct marriage to love an idea.

The first kind: Regard the gender as devote

Chinese girl has the biggest the greatest illusion, think oneself body does not belong to him, belong to future however of a certain man. Of moral personage say demit is: This is the husband that belongs to future, want when bridal ability is grand that day cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony.

A little evil-minded male bookman distorted it, sayWomanthe body is the beloved person that belongs future -- who to love, who to give with respect to this. These two kinds of viewpoints are talk nonsense euqally. Your body is you, it is the belongs to you exclusively truly thing on this world, also be the thing that you should be kind to most. Always some are foolish girl, once be loved early with respect to ground of follow a rational line to do some work well early sex, by the person one flicker, become oneself important place gives a gift grand give went...

Request you, the girl, want to be clear about, the body and consequence belong to yourself along with all the others.

Young the joy that you still won't experience a gender even, assume be pregnant, abort, by discharge even the consequence of be utterly discredited!

   The 2nd kind: From now on I am his person

This is me heard girl is stupid arrive most the view of incurable. No matter be to stem from temporarily impulse or temporarily confused still hit it off perfectly or love arrives in, the happening that they all inspect sexual relationship is like the watershed that the day cracks dyingly. From now on I am his person! After producing the girl to be dated to rape even then, the cummer that became opposite party simply or person of ground conditions or feelings of the lower levels this kind of folly.
Request your girl, stepping on excrement of one foot dog not carefully is some, this kind luckless everybody can be come up against, but you stepped on dog excrement, wore dog excrement when the shoe with respect to preparation?

   The 3rd kind: He is very sodden, but I still love him very much

I am being listened to in pouring out, hear make a person most the thing of bristle with anger has: He included lover, second wife 3, he returns one-night standing N second, I still love him. He is average and weekly painful beat up I am one, I still excused him. He does not work be addicted to of smooth card games bets drug taking, I still do not want to leave him...

Request your girl, who tells you love is unprincipled? Be harmed to want line of know how things stand and feel confident of handling them!
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