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Comprehend marriage to be married namely habit and disposition
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Comprehend Marriage is married namely habit and disposition Marriage has ternary state The first heavy state: The person that with one each personal place loves marries. The 2nd heavy state: The person that with one each personal place loves and he (she) habitual marriage. ternary state: The person that with one each personal place loves and he (she) habit, still have him (her) setting marriage. At the husband and wife of the first heavy state, marriage is relatively firm. At the husband and wife of the 2nd heavy state, marriage is firmer. At the husband and wife of ternary state, see those who have a divorce rarely. On this world, the person that those living to old age in conjugal bliss, basically marry 3 times all one's life. It is to be in restaurant for the first time, in close friends in congratulation and be being blessed, the person that with one each personal place loves marries. It is the 2nd to be in the home, two people are adjusted through a few years, the habit of each other and the other side marries. It is the 3rd to be in familial in, with the marriage of of all kinds close complex of the other side. Compare the 2nd times with trigamy and first time photograph, have very big different. Without grand wedding, also come round to congratulate without relatives and friends, only is attendant is bilateral tacit agreement. True marriage, often be two when happen finally. A lot of person married 3 years two to divorce now, if be analysed carefully, with respect to meeting discovery: The reason does not have the marriage oneself to push the 2nd state from the first state namely. Everybody knows, boiling water can kill a bacterium. Be passionately in love and boiling water are same, also can exterminate the defect on party body and inadequacy. The apple-pie white horse prince in those be passionately in love and birdie depend on the person's girl, enter marriage this cup not lukewarm not after igneous water, defect and insufficient meeting resemble a bacterium coming back afresh euqally. At this moment the 2nd state that you must cross marriage, with him (she) habitual marriage, admit and include he (she) defect and inadequacy. Otherwise, because too shallow and root system is atrophic,marriage is met. Those are a pair of special conjugal love originally, the indescribable divorce after a few years. 10 have 89 is the result that refus does not enter the 2nd state. After marriage enters the 2nd state, very few somebody hangs the divorce on the mouth. In mentally, they already accepted the inadequacy in disposition of the other side. Some returns a kind of consideration that turns this kind of inadequacy of the other side into his even. At this moment marriage is melting with warmth, presenting the biggest characteristic that go out is good-tempered and complementary. However, what marital warmth can not represent marriage is firm. Firm marriage still needs raising of things to a higher level the 3rd times, that with respect to the marriage of of all kinds close complex with the other side. That is to say, be opposite you he (she) the love of one person expands he (she) parents and relatives and friends. And be in this kind of love, had the realization of wisdom to marriage: Your other in part does not belong to you only, he (she) still belong to him (she) parents and friend, still belong to him even (she) oneself. Once marriage enters this kind of state, also enter the state that buddhist decides, think departure is very difficult. In the world of love, a lot of men often misunderstand marriage to marry a woman namely, and oversight marry even come over the pursuit of feminine oneself, and the setting behind the woman. A lot of women misunderstand marriage to marry a man namely, and the habit that does not know to marry this man even and disposition, and of this man backside familial.
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